Skydiving in Maldives

Skydiving in Maldives

Skydiving in Maldives is Adrenaline Pumping Adventure at its absolute best!

Skydive during your Holidays in the Maldives - Experience the adventure of skydiving with spectacular sights of Addu atoll and also the surrounding Indian Sea.

Based in Gan Airport of Addu Atoll, a company called Skydive Maldives is offering peoples the possibility of a lifetime.

Skydiving is thrilling sport activity; many who have taken the plungefeel a sense of euphoria later on. You will really feel adrenaline pumping in your body during the build-up and also in the secs after you exit the plane.

Adrenaline, good view, self-conquest and a great deal of enjoyable! Skydiving in Maldives is a unique experience and one of the very best things to do on the island!

Tickets start at USD 767, and also will be available for booking soon along with accommodation options. Slots can now be reserved online.

Fly 13,000 ft into the air and skydive above the beautiful Maldive islands. Plan your Holiday in the Maldives and come skydive over the amazing atolls.

Organization of Skies Sports Maldives carried out test dives last year.

Despite being new to the Maldives, sky diving is a popular activity amongst tourists in several countries around the world.

Worst Part of Skydiving

The worst part of skydiving for a person who has never done it in the past is the anticipation of the dive when you are going up in the plane. It is more of a mental obstacle than anything else because skydiving is safer than driving a motorbike; it is very unlikely that you will certainly obtain an injury while sky diving.

Maldives Skydiving Guidelines

Anybody can skydive if they more than 18 years olddon’t weigh too much and have a healthy functioning heart.

You do not need any kind of previous experience or training if you pick to do skydiving. You will certainly be strapped to a skydiving instructor and they will certainly ensure you have a remarkable and safe time in the air. You will need to already have a skydiving licence if you want to jump on your own.