Snorkeling in Maldives

Snorkeling in Maldives

Maldives snorkeling is a memorable and unique experience. This group of atolls in the Indian Ocean southern of India uses a spectacular destination for a snorkel journey. But unlike numerous various other locations on this site, where you can visit an island and also rent and care, the best ways to visit the Maldives for snorkeling are: to stay at a resort with a good house reef, or book yourself on a snorkeling live aboard trip, which can be challenging to find. We were lucky enough to do both, and will share how you can also.

We were enticed to visit the Maldives years ago by folks telling us they thought it was the most best snorkeling in the world. However, due to the distance from the united state as well as cost, we delayed going. Shortly after partnering with Wendy, our travel agent friend who organizes group snorkeling trips, we were given the opportunity and we took it.

As for whether we agree that the Maldives has the most effective snorkeling in the world, unfortunately, we do not. While at many spots, we did see the most fish we have seen anywhere else, and we saw a fantastic selection and number of various other creatures, the coral reefs are being severely impacted by global warming, as well as we saw for ourselves a brand new lightening occasion in the southern part of the country. There was a similar occasion in the northern part of the nation in 1998 as well as other smaller sized ones considering that. Time will certainly inform if the dying and also dead reefs will certainly remain to support the fish and also other animals. The picture below shows the mix of amazing fish life with a lot of coral bleaching.

Best Time of Year to Go For Snorkeling

There are 2 seasons in the Maldives and they are called Monsoons. The Northeast Monsoon is the dry season. The Southwest Monsoon is the wet period. When the seasons change varies. By taking a look at rainfall statistics, it appears like the driest months are January with April and also the wettest months are from May via December. The months with the lowest average wind speeds and lowest wind probabilities are March and April.

5 Best Places fora Great Snorkeling Experience

  1. Baros Maldives
  2. Bandos Maldives
  3. Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo
  4. Fihalhohi
  5. Embudu Island