HP Reef

HP Reef

HP Reef is a stunning dive site. It is also called Rainbow Reef, because of the variety of colors. The reef leads to a channel with multiple rock formations, blocks, boulders, ledges, rifts, and a cave. Strong currents offer food for schools of fish spending time in a swim-through that leads to the top of a cave as well as is often called "the chimney". All of the underwater structures are rich in different corals reefs and also other undersea plants, scuba divers can examine.

When to go

Malé Harbour, Maldives has a tropical monsoon climate. There are two distinct seasons: completely dry and wet. The dry season is from October to April, with anaverage air temperature level of 30-33C/ 86-92F, which is the very best time to visit. The damp period is identified by heavy rainfall and cooler air temperature levels, as well as lasts from May to September, with a typical temperature of 25-28C/ 77-83F. The water temperature level varies from 25-33C/ 77-92F.

Why HP Reef is special?

HP Reef, or Girifushi Thila, or 'Rainbow Reef' is so called for its profusion of brilliantly colored soft corals. It is likewise called the soft reefs capital in the world. These stunning corals reefs take advantage of the rich circulation of nutrients supplied by the currents which flow with the Somosomo Strait between the resort as well as the island of Taveuni a couple of miles away. HP Reef sits next to a narrow network where currents give sustenance for extremely rich developments of soft, blue corals reefs, as well as support a big variety of coral reef fish and pelagic. The formations consist of large blocks, amazing caverns as well as a 25m vertical, swim-through chimney. Today, HP Reef is a Protected Marine area in Maldives.

What to explore at HP Reef?

HP Reef is one of the best known and most beautiful dive sites on this island nation.Sandwiched between two outer atoll islands, strong currents is a permanent feature making diving below really exciting, while providing plenty of nutrients for both corals reefs and also fish. This safeguarded coral reef delights in overhangs, caves and holes rising from 30 meters below the sea to 10 on top.

Most of the reef is totally covered in yellow, blue and orange soft hanging corals, as well as spectacular sea fans. The current attracts an astonishing variety of small reef fish and large pelagic species such as gray reef sharks, eagle rays, tunas and barracudas. To really enjoy this dive you will need to be a confident and experienced diver.