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HP Reef is the prominent dive site that is also renowned as the rainbow reef named so because of its varying colors that leads to its multiple rock formations, blocks, boulders, ledges, rifts, and a cave. Also, you will encounter the several species of fish, coral reefs and undersea plants that you will cherish exploring.

Visit HP Reef Maldives

his place is special because you get the most beautiful colorful reefs like nowhere on earth with the nutrients supplied by the flowing currents of the Somosomo Strait between the resort as well as the island of Taveuni. If you are awaiting the best time to visit this place, then make sure that you are paying a visit during the dry season which falls under the months from October to April that is considered as the best time for your visit for a vacation. The HP Reef is covered in blue, yellow and orange soft coral reefs along with the sea fans followed by gray reef sharks, eagle rays, tunas and barracudas. Engage into diving which is why this place is mostly known and visited for. For more information tourism package to Maldives contact Swan Tours or call o11 23415601.