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Boating tours are common in Maldives where you will love to explore the crystal clear blue waters, marine life which is rich, along with coral reefs in the vast Indian Ocean. In an archipelago of over 300 islands, you get to go out on boating which can be availed in three classified forms namely, Public Ferries, Exclusive or Scheduled Speed Boats along with the Charter speed boats that address you at the fullest.

Maldives Boating

Boating tours are mostly opted by newlywed honeymoon partners which seems to be one of the most romantic adventures together, allowing them to spend quality time on the stunning blue waters. Speedboats are the most affordable and effective mode of exploring waters which comes under a good package too! You can count on this, where you can feel the wind touching your face, the adrenaline rush with the speed and also the splash of waters pleasantly touching your ears. You will be guided and operated throughout with full security and care kept in prior, depending on the area of resort.

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