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With the blue waters, colorful reefs, turtles, groves of pines and spectacular views from the multiple islands, Maldives takes you to a dream place where beaches, resorts, water sports and the tropical climate surrounding gets you match your vibe with the magnificent glory of the place, on a vacation. The Banana Reef Maldives was first discovered in the Maldives and it is banana shaped situated in the North Male Atoll which ranges from 5 to 30 m in depth and is suitable for beginners and advanced divers as well.

Visit Banana Reef Maldives

The best things that you will love about banana reef are the soft blue corals, the bevy of fish, shrimps, crabs turtles and so many other marine species that you can count on, in their natural habitat. Underwater diving is the best sought sport that you can enjoy when you are in the banana reef in the Maldives, and is named as such because it is shaped like that of a banana. You will not only enjoy the lovely winds, climate and greenery, but the underwater life that has the best for you. For more information on holiday package to Maldives contact Swan Tours or call 011 23415601.