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Agra Tour Packages

Taj Mahal & Delhi Tour

Taj Mahal & Delhi Tour

01 Night / 02 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Agra

Agra Fatehpur Sikri Tour

Agra Fatehpur Sikri Tour

01 Night / 02 Days

Places Covered Agra » Fatehpur Sikri

Taj Mahal Tour from Chennai

Taj Mahal Tour from Chennai

01 Night / 02 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Agra

Agra Tour Packages from Bangalore

Agra Tour Packages from Bangalore

02 Nights / 03 Days

Places Covered Agra

Agra Honeymoon Package

Agra Honeymoon Package

5 Nights / 6 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Agra » Jaipur

Amazing Agra Tour Packages from Mumbai

Amazing Agra Tour Packages from Mumbai

05 Nights / 06 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Agra » Jaipur

Extraordinary Agra Tour Packages from Lucknow

Extraordinary Agra Tour Packages from Lucknow

07 Nights / 08 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Agra » Fatehpur Sikri » Ranthambore » Jaipur

Magical Agra Tour Package from Ahmedabad

Magical Agra Tour Package from Ahmedabad

11 Nights / 12 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Rishikesh » Agra

Magnificent Agra Tour Package from Hyderabad

Magnificent Agra Tour Package from Hyderabad

07 Nights / 08 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Ajmer » Pushkar » Jodhpur

Delightful Agra Tour Package from Kerala

Delightful Agra Tour Package from Kerala

06 Nights / 07 Days

Places Covered Delhi » Agra » Jaipur » Fatehpur Sikri


An Ideal Agra Tour Package

Lying in North India, Agra is the home to numerous monuments holding their legacies in rich history, but the Taj Mahal being the most sought tourist mausoleum built by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in the honor of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is a symbol of love which was constructed with white marble and laid with precious stones on the inside. You can visit Taj Mahal and the other popular heritage sites / monuments during the Agra Tour Package customised by Swan Tours.

The Best Places to Explore in Agra

There are several places in Agra that you cannot miss out without exploring, and some of the major attractions have been enlisted below for educating you before the travel actually begins.

The Taj Mahal can be considered as the monument of love which was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal with white marble stone. It has been the most attracting spot not only for couples but every sort of a traveler since time immemorial throughout the year which has made it one of the seven wonders of the world.

Fatehpur Sikri is just 36 km away from Agra which s made out of red sandstone. It was prestigious to be known as the capital of Mughal Akbar, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place that is frequently visited by the tourists throughout the year.

Also renowned as the Lal Qila, Agra Fort is also known as the Red Fort of Agra which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site located at a short distance of 2.5 km to the Northwest of the Taj Mahal. This monument had also been constructed with the red sandstone as its base started by the Mughal emperor, Akbar.

Also known to be the baby Taj, Itimad-Ud-Daulah's tomb is located on the bank of the Yamuna river which was built by Queen Noor Jahan for her parents. It had been constructed in the middle of the Persian Garden using yellow marble.

Another most exciting visit is to the Tomb of Akbar adding to another popular monument of the Mughal architecture at a distance of just 7 km from the city.

Apart from Delhi, there is another Jama Masjid there in Agra which is a simple mosque built by Jahanara (the daughter of Shah Jahan) with red sandstone which is another ensemble of the Mughal times and is still used as the main mosque in the city.

If you want to take a stroll along the beautiful Mehtab Bagh, then you just need to travel 3 km away from the city center to reach the place. It lies to the North of the Taj Mahal on the opposite side of the Yamuna river offering beautiful scenic views to the visitors.

Dolphin Water Park is a water park where you can spend entertaining half of your trip to Agra. It is spread over an area of 14 acres with slides, roller coasters, rides and many other thrilling activities that will win hearts of the kids in particular!

Most popular festivals in Agra

Ram Barat: This is known to the most-awaited and joyous festival in Agra which is witnessed by 20 lakh masses from within and outside the city in total. It is held in the month of September which is considered to be very important by the North Indians, as the ceremonies of the divine marriage of Lord Ram takes place, where the decoration is the most authentic thing to admire.

The Taj Mahotsav: Taj Mahotsav is another core festival that is brightly celebrated by the masses of Agra. It is a ten-day ongoing festival which witnesses showcasing of variety of art, dance, craft, and cuisines where several artworks of artisans are presented in front of the visitors. The food is wonderful and deserves to be explored accompanied by a Fun Fair for children.

What is the best time to visit Agra?

When it comes to plan a tour to Agra, then you must always wait for the best time to spend the vacation or trip without any hurdle. So, the months from October to March are the most suitable for spending a vacation in the midst of the pleasant weather. As the summers get to an extreme scale of 45 degrees at the maximum, so this period is perfect for a vacation.

How to Reach Agra?

Agra is known to be one of the major historical locations that is visited frequently by tourists. If you want to visit the place, then there are multiple choices to opt from.

If you are choosing airlines, then the nearest airport to Agra is the Kheria airport which has a direct flight only to Khajuraho and Gwalior. So, other than that, Delhi airport is at 4 hours distance, Jaipur at 3 hours distance and Lucknow at 7 hours distance from Agra.

If you choose railways, then the most common are the Agra Fort and Agra Cantt. Apart from them, Delhi, Varanasi and Jaipur railway stations also connect you to the place.

If you are choosing roadways, then the Taj Expressway offers you the best road travel from Delhi via Greater Noida. Or else, you can also take a bus ride from the Anand Vihar terminus in Delhi.

Agra Travel Tips
  1. Always trip with your identification (at least two copies of them).
  2. In summertime Agra is warm, simple kinds of cotton are the most comfortable and also the coolest.
  3. Always bring a hat or shades for security from the harsh sunlight.
  4. In monsoons, an umbrella comes in useful
  5. In winters, woolens or cozy apparel is necessary at nights.
  6. Stay clear of tight-fitting or enlightening clothing particularly when taking a trip alone.
  7. Be careful of promotes as well as tricksters dishonesty travelers.
  8. Do not accept any kind of food from strangers during a trip on trains.
  9. Eating at roadside coffee shops can be risky because of unclean cooking environments.
What makes Agra Tour Packages from Swan Tours unique?

Swan Tours has been endorsed as one of the best travel agencies assisting its clients for both domestic and international tours since 1995 with Agra Tour Packages. It is not only responsible for booking tickets for travel, and accommodation, but takes care of your security throughout the transfers during the sightseeing ventures. Enjoy your trip to Agra to the most with the customised tour packages designed exclusively for you by Swan Tours .

Things To Do in Agra

If you are looking for a memorable Agra trip, Swan Tours Agra tour packages are the perfect pick for you. Check out the list of things you can enjoy by booking our package.

1. No Agra Tour is complete without visiting the iconic Taj Mahal. For most people, the Taj Mahal is the reason they visit Agra. It definitely has to be on the top of our things-to-do list.

2. Shop your heart out at Sadar Bazaar. You can get souvenirs of the city and there are multiple stores having items of daily use. The market is also known for leather and marble goods. Furthermore, you can enjoy good food from a number of restaurants or street food stalls in the area.

3. Plan a visit to one of the many festivals the Agra tour offers. The Taj Mahotsav is one such amazing festival and is also one of the biggest events in North India. The other festivals include Ram Barat, Balloon Festival, and more. Select from our customizable Agra tour packages to get the best deal.

4. Enjoy a wide variety of food ranging from Mughlai cuisines to the famous petha of Agra. You must include a day to taste Mughlai dishes like Biryani, Aloo Gosht, Korma, Keema Matar. You must try them out at dhabas, local restaurant to get the most authentic flavor. For desserts, you can have the most famous sweet dish in Agra called Petha which is available in different flavors.

5. Keep a day for a sightseeing tour. Visit the Mankameshwar Temple or the Cathedral of The Immaculate Conception. Get awestruck at the famous Fatehpur Sikri or simply walk down Paliwal Park. Later in the evening, enjoy the local food of the city at the famous Sadar Bazaar.

How To Get Around Agra

1. Auto Rickshaw - It is one of the best ways to get around in Agra. Auto rickshaws are reasonably priced and widely available.

2. Taxi - It is a convenient mode of transportation to get around the city. Make sure to negotiate the fare before you get on the vehicle. For instance, you can hire a car for a half or full-day tour depending upon your plan.

3. Walk - Walking through Agra is an ideal way to experience the city in its purest form. You can opt to stay in a hotel near The Taj and that way you can walk to the gate of the Taj. It is a good option to explore the city on food until the weather becomes too hot. It can then take an exhausting turn.

4. There are animal-powered rickshaws which you will find mostly around the Taj Mahal. You can hire them to take you to the gate of the iconic Taj Mahal. Yes, this mode of transportation is limited and will go no longer than the Agra Fort.

Situated in Uttar Pradesh, Agra attracts tourists from all over the world. It takes you to the timeless masterpieces of the Mughal era. A perfect mix of culture, good food and history, it is one such city that you must definitely visit on your trip to India. Agra tour packages by Swan Tours are tailor-made to offer maximum comfort to travelers as well as a thrilling getaway. Enjoy visiting the top tourist spot of the city, local food, and much more by booking our Agra tour packages at the best prices. You can even get the packages customized according to your preferences and have the most thrilling experience in this historical city.

Agra travel guide: The best time to visit, what to do in Agra and more

Agra, renowned for being home to the Taj Mahal, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It attracts plenty of local Indians as well as foreigners that have come to Agra on holiday. Agra forms the Golden Triangle of tourism in India along with Jaipur and Delhi. With the best Agra tour packages, one can explore the popular Agra sightseeing points along with a variety of fun tours and activities. This blog will be your helping guide to know the best time to visit Agra, popular things to see and do, what to eat and how to get around Agra.

Best time to visit Agra

The best time to visit Agra is from October through February. During these months, the average maximum temperature ranges around 32 degrees while the minimum temperature can be as low as 18 degrees. While tourist volume will be high, you'll avoid unbearable heat and heavy rains during this period. If you happen to travel during these months, you should carry at least a jacket or any warm clothes to protect you from the cold weather. The weather is usually pleasant during this time which allows you to enjoy the following activities:

  • Walking around the Taj Mahal
  • Exploring Agra Fort on foot
  • Taking a bike tour to some of Agra prominent tourist places
  • Visiting the vibrant local markets


Popular things to see and do in Agra

Wondering what to do in Agra for an unforgettable vacation? Check out the list given below:

1. Admire the beauty of the Taj

The majestic Taj Mahal is one of the top reasons why tourists come to Agra. Its truly a marvelous display of white marble mausoleum built by Shah Jahan. In order to avoid the rush of tourists and experience the monuments ethereal beauty against the sun, it is recommended to plan and early morning visit. Further, keep a note of the huge list of what youre not allowed to bring in, thus ensuring you leave those things at your hotel.

Timings: 6:00 am to 6:30 pm on all days except Fridays
Entry fee: The entry fee is INR 50 for Indian and INR 1100 for foreigners

2. Go shopping in the bustling bazaars

The bustling market in Agra is a shopaholics paradise. Visit these places to relish the local vibe of the city. Some of the famous bazaars where you must visit are:

Kinari Bazaar - Shop for a wide range of marble works, spices, handicrafts, footwear and more at a reasonable rate
Sadar Bazaar - This shopping spot is famous for its range of ethnic garments, accessories, leather products and delicious sweets
Raja ki Mandi - This marketplace sells various things such as shoes, books, fancy garments, household goods, jewelry etc

3. Explore the marvelous tombs

You can explore some of the most marvelous and historical tombs in Agra that reflect excellent craftsmanship. Chini ka Rauza, Itmad-Ud-Daulah and Akbars Mausoleum are some of the must-visit tombs in Agra.

4. Take a day trip to Fatehpur Sikri

Beyond the timeless beauty of Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri is another important feather in Mughal Emperors cap. Known for its rich architecture and intricate carvings, the city is blessed with some of the finest structures that attract tourists from across the globe.

What to eat in Agra

Food lovers will have the time of their life sampling Agra cuisine. The city is popularly known for its petha, gajak, jalebi and dalmoth. Agra is also famous for its Mughlai cuisine. Peshawari at ITC Mughal and Pinch of Spice are two of the best places that serve great north Indian and Mughlai food. To try a wide range of Pethas you can drop by Panchi Petha Store. Lastly, make sure you leave room for snacks like kachori and samosa in the evening as they are a common delicacy in Agra.

How to get around Agra

If you are wondering how to get around Agra, keep reading!

Walk It is recommended to stay in a hotel thats near the Taj Mahal so that way, you can walk to the ticket sales office and then walk or take to the gate of the Taj.

Auto Rickshaw Auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are widely available in Agra and will take you anywhere you request. However, do agree to a price beforehand to avoid confusion later.

Air conditioned taxis - Air-conditioned taxis can be more expensive than auto-rickshaws. However, considering the very low conversion rate, it is a good option. Moreover, walking between top attractions just isn't possible in Agra considering the distance.

Horses, camels, and other animal powered rickshaws Since diesel and petrol vehicles are not permitted around the Taj Mahal area, youll find a number of animal-powered carts and other pollution free vehicles there.

Loved reading what all you can do in Agra and other relevant information that you must know before visiting? If so, wait no longer. Plan your trip by booking the best customized Agra tour packages with Swan Tours. Scroll through their website and book a package at the best price today.

Places You Cannot Miss On Your Next Agra Tour

You can't miss the mesmerizing Taj, but Agra also houses architectural monuments such as Agra Fort and Fatehpuri Sikri. The white marble architectural wonder is renowned as the monument of love. Some other famous destinations if you book Agra tour packages are summarized below:

  • Agra Fort A UNESCO World Heritage Site

A strong defense fort was constructed in red sandstone. Shah Jahan spent his last days imprisoned inside this red sandstone structure. He could see his beautiful Taj Mahal from here.

  • The Tomb of Salim Chisti

The Sufi Saint plays a significant role in the construction of Fatehpur Sikri. Sheikh Salim Chisti gave a prediction to Akbar regarding the heir. The remains of the Sufi Saint have been laid in a tomb known as the Tomb of Salim Chisti.

  • Mehtab Bagh Mesmerizing views of the Taj

The Mehtab Bagh was designed and constructed by the Mughals. The garden provides mesmerizing views of the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan selected this location as the best viewpoint of his construction a symbol of love for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

  • A Miniature CityFatehpur Sikri

The miniature city is recognized as a World Heritage Site. It was constructed with red sandstone and was the first construction of the Mughal Dynasty.

  • Bulund Darwaza Largest Entrance Gate

The Bulund Darwaza or the Door of Victory was built by emperor Akbar to commemorate his victory. It is the main entrance to the Jama Masjid at Fatehpur Sikri. With Agra tour packages, tourists can get a glimpse of the grandeur and lifestyle of the Mughal dynasty.

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