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The Haa Valley is located in the Haa town that is known for its traditions, cultures and cultural heritage that has been kept alive since years and still continuing to do so. This place does not hold a humongous population that is completely uninfluenced by the modern touches and trails of urbanization. This place is considered to be important for India for it is close to the Indo-Tibet Border holding strategic importance. It is located near to the Dokhlam plateau by the Tibet's Chumbi Valley to the north.

Haa Valley Bhutan

The best time that you can choose to visit the Haa Valley is during the autumn season falling under the months of October and November when the climate supports the transfer, sightseeing and also makes the environs look even more beautiful than other times of the year. There are many things that you can discover in Haa Valley and that is hiking amidst the soothing environment embedded with perfect architectures, go on a poppy trail, make presence in a homestay, pay homage at a monastery, and taste some of the most scrumptious local cuisines that are available in this place. Last but not the least, explore and witness the admirable architecture that you get to watch here.

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