Khajjiar is a hill station, situated around 23 km far from Dalhousie, in Himachal Pradesh. Positioned at a height of 1960 meters above sea level, it is additionally known to as the Switzerland of India. The charm of this place hinges on the rolling fields, the enforcing deodar fauna, pleasant rivers as well as its scenic grandeur. Khajjiar is a lake noshed by the infinite brooks, which make the region much more attractive and also an ideal trekking destination. Its mesmerizing beauty has greatly influenced as well as influenced lots of kingdoms throughout the years, which includes the Mughals and the Rajputs.

The Mini Switzerland - Khajjiar is known to be amongst the 160 places in the world that birth striking resemblance with Switzerland. One can also find an sign board on Khajjiar on which the distance to Switzerland is created! Beautiful panoramic view of the dense green forests, huge and also undulating fields and snowy white optimal of Himalayas are sure to leave you mesmerized here. A stroll around the lake and via the thick ache woodlands is a very compelling characteristic right here. Khajjiar is undoubtedly one of the very best hill stations in India!

History of Khajjiar

The background of Khajjiar is linked to the leaders of Chamba. The local Rajput rulers ruled Chamba valley in the sixth century advertisement and made it their funding city. This region became the part of the Mughal Empire in the middle ages period as well as later on came under different Sikh kingdoms. Lastly, it was taken control of by the British. It became a part of the state of Himachal Pradesh when it entered into getting on April 15, 1948.

Best Time to Visit Khajjiar

Best Time to Visit It can be gone to throughout the year. The months of January and also February can be quite chilly and it obtains snowfall occasionally. The roadways throughout winter’s months often tend to get blocked as a result of the heavy snowfall. From March to July the temperatures stay modest and are likewise the very best time to go around the place.

3 Best Places to Visit in Khajjiar

1. Khajjiar Lake - The Lake is located in a massive grassy landscape, with evergreen cedar trees surrounding it from all sides. The lake has considerably shrunk over the years and is now almost on the verge of extinction.

2. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary - The wildlife sanctuary is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Pets like leopard, bear, deer, langur, jackal, Himalayan black marten, barking goral as well as different ranges of birds can be seen below. The shelter was known as a pc gaming book to the Chamba rulers. The location is a preferred location for trekkers and the nature walkers. It is open every day to visitors from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

3. Khajji Nag Temple - The holy place was integrated in 12th century AD, situated near the lake as well as thought to be one of the holiest temples in Himachal Pradesh. The holy place has a mantap, where you can see the hanging pictures of Kauravas along with the Pandavas. The holy place has actually mixed style of style with influences of both Hindu and Muslim designs. The holy place is committed to Lord Shiva.