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Palampur is another exotic town in Himachal Pradesh in the Kangra district. This place is especially known for its tea plantations and a bustling town of trade with some Victorian-style castles and mansions. Catch the insights of the best natural significance and the beautiful English architecture amidst the amazing environs.

Visit Palampur

The best time that you can choose to visit the beautiful hill station, Palampur is during the summers, that is from the month of March to June or during the early winters namely September to November when sightseeing, exploring the food and plantations, as well as spending quality time proves to be the most useful.

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Things to do in Palampur

  1. Pay a visit to the Tashi Jong Monastery that is not only a worshipping center but also houses a large number of Tibetan refugees and communicate.
  2. The plantations of tea are the most popular in Palampur which offers the top-notch tea with aroma and flavors to all the people. 
  3. Visit the beautiful park named Saurabh Van Vihar and also sceneries, mountains and water bodies.
  4. Engage into the learning of pottery well from this place with an opportunity to undertake the same with expertise.
  5. Carry out shopping and have some of the local cuisine tasting