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The National Museum of Bhutan, Paro that was constructed in the year 1649 was first a watchtower against the Tibetan soldiers but later turned into a museum in the year 1968. It is a huge resemblance of the cultural heritage of the place in the country that boasts of its art and culture where you can witness the paintings, art pieces, animal masks and much more related to the historical emphasis. The ones who are interested in watching the facts and figures of history can easily count on this place for there you will find all the required information, historical objects, artifacts and inscriptions that date back to 1500 years.

National Museum of Bhutan, Paro

It is a six-story museum that is circular in shape with white-colored walls with a lot of art galleries with proper storage arrangements where you will witness a large number of admirable ancient artifacts that preserved the cultural heritage of the country and takes you to the historical belongings of the place.

While planning a trip to the museum, you must keep in mind that cameras are not allowed for capturing snaps. Just 4 km away from the National Museum, you get to pay a visit to the Dop Shari valley that you can visit after walking the distance from the museum to the latter. You can also undergo hiking to Zuri Dzong that is just above the museum. Book Bhutan tourism packages with Swan Tours at best price.