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Snorkeling in Andaman

Snorkelling is the process of swimming on or through an entire body of water while outfitted with a designed tube known as a snorkel, as well as usually swim fins. Utilizing the equipment permits the snorkeler to observe underwater tourist attractions for prolonged period with fairly small effort. It is a widely known fun activity, especially at tropical resort as well as diving places. Snorkelling is also used by scuba diving divers when on the surface area and rescue teams might snorkel as part of a water-based search.

Best Snorkelling Beaches in Andaman

Snorkelling is a water sport activity that allows swimmers to observe marine life without diving deep in the ocean as well as without having to carry heavy equipment. The only equipment that assists Snorkeling is a 30-centimetre long tube called a snorkel attached to a diving mask with glasses. Swimmers can be close to the surface area of the water and yet view as much as possible of the life underwater.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Stay updated with the local weather forecast on that day.
  • Some knowledge of the ocean, the wind and their behavior helps manoeuvre swimming.
  • It is always recommended that swimmers carry their own equipment (snorkel with mask, fins etc.). But, if one has to rent the gear, they need to try to get a perfect fit to avoid accidents in the ocean.
  • Wearing appropriate swimwear is much recommended. If it is too sunny, wearing a t-shirt is recommended to avoid sunburns.
  • Learning how to defog the mask and managing an angle of the head to avoid water getting into the mouth is very important. Asking the guide for tips helps during the swim.
  • Avoid touching any of the marine life.
  • Always swim in groups or at least have a snorkeling friend or an experienced guide along.

Best Places for Snorkeling In Andaman – 2019

1. Snorkeling at the Elephant Beach – Havelock

This is a very shallow spot, near the coast. The coral reef begins concerning 1 meter of depth. You will find a very diverse wildlife in no time! This is an excellent begin for the beginners or people that cannot swim well.

Reefs are made from hard coral and also several of the fish you'll encounter are: Sweetlips, Snappers, Angelfish, and Damselfish, Butterfly fish, and Moorish Idols, Fusiliers, Starfish, Clams, Oysters, Anemone Fish, Wrasse, Parrotfish, and Lion fish.

2. Snorkelling at North Bay Island - Port Blair

North Bay Island is a popular destination in Port Blair. The beach and the snorkelling possibilities in its fringing coral reef are the closest ones you will locate at Port Blair. The reefs at North Bay are instead good and also spread over large area. You shall spot many fishes, a lobster, and even clams on the coral reef. Life rings or jackets are offered during your snorkelling trip. A guide helps you while you snorkel. You do not need swimming abilities to do this task though swimming skills can help.

3. Neil Island, among best places for snorkeling in Andaman

If you want to go off the beaten track, away from crowds, then Neil Island can be the ideal location for you to enjoy some jaw-dropping snorkeling. There are many unnamed beaches here, and you can have the pleasure of discovering the beaches on your own. For snorkeling, some prior experience and also great swimming skills are essential given that a lot of the eye-catching areas are located away from the coast and also are much deeper. But once you get to there, you are in for some eyeball-popping visuals. Dark tunnels, water-carved canyons, corals reefs as well as shimmery schools of fishes that are as enthralled by us as we are with them. Neil Island is also considered as one of the places for snorkeling in Andaman.