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Rock climbing as a major attraction spot has come into enforcement since the year 1998 by the Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club. Rock Climbing is a challenge that counts in the brave and patient members or travel enthusiasts who have determination, body strength, active mindset, and also immense endurance.

Bhutan Rock Climbing

Other than rock climbing, you can experience hiking and rafting in the waters. The best time to pay a travel to Bhutan for the wonderful rock climbing experience is during the months from March to May and again from September to November for it offers the best climatic conditions for adventures. The Vertical Bhutan Climbing Club in the capital city Thimphu, is the one providing you with the rock climbing equipment and training with proper supervision and guiding you throughout. They hold immense importance in upholding their pride in teaching or training the rock climbing enthusiasts and also making it one of the most popular adventure sports standing apart from all other countries.

There is a totality of 13 climbing routes that the visitor’s come across while undergoing rock climbing and the route is named as the Friends no More.

1. Walker’s Crack (4B[5-], RB, 6 bolts, 25 meters)

Right at the start, you will climb chimneys and 4B first crack followed by a turn in the left and s thus, known as the beginners start.

2. Sandflies Kisses (6B[7], rb, 5 bolts, 12 meters)

This is a tough and yet an amazing route that proceeds with two challenging 6B moves, followed by the 6+ second overhang to escalate higher.

3. Dead Man Walking (6B[7+], RB, 4 bolts, 14 meters)

This is named after the clay Chorten inside the small cave located 2 meters above the start of the whole journey where balance moves to the first bolt with challenging friction applied.

4. Once In 12 Years (6A[6+], RB, 4 bolts, 12 meters)

On the grand worship in Punakha, this had taken place where you need to start 5 m right to the Easy Ready, where you climb from the middle and then make friction move to the 1st bolt.