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Anuradhapura Tourism

Tourism in Anuradhapura

Best Months to Visit: May and September

Recommended Duration: 1 Day

Popular for: Ancient ruins, Eight Great Places of Veneration in Anuradhapura

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

Area: 7,179 km²

Postal code: 50000

Province: North Central Province

Population: 50,595 (2012)

Sub-Region: Anuradhapura District

If you planning to explore Anuradhapura? Here's a detailed about Anuradhapura tourism and travel guide to help you plan your tour in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

A Travel Guide to Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is just one of the old town in Sri Lanka, famous for its damages portraying early Sri Lankan civilization. It is very popular amongst Buddhists pilgrims. Anuradhapura was previously the resources of the Island (in old times) and also most of the Kings who ruled Sri Lanka stayed in this huge city.

Top Things to see in Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura is a huge part of the cultural triangle in Sri Lanka, which is important to the Buddhist fans specifically. With that being claimed, the city has numerous beauty sightseeing attractions and vacationers can acquire a $25 ticket for getting in to mostly all the sightseeing places in the city of Anuradhapura.

What You Should Know More About Anuradhapura
  1. To reach Anuradhapura, you'll require a visa. You can quickly apply for a tourist's visa online or contact Swan Tours for visa and Sri lanka holiday packages.
  2. Climate conditions here is uncertain. So, examine the predictable and existing weather online and verify regarding the exact same from your travel agency prior to taking a trip.
  3. Do not overcome friendly with the unfamiliar people.
  4. Gather sufficient details regarding the tourist place you are traveling to.
  5. Find out few words from the neighborhood language right here.
  6. Do carry a mosquito repellant right here.
  7. Outfit suitably. Avoid putting on revealing or revealing clothes.
  8. Don't head out alone throughout the evening hrs.
  9. Be wary of the choice pockets here.
Places to Visit in Anuradhapura
  1. Abhayagiri Dagoba
  2. Anuradhapura World Heritage Site
  3. Sri Maha Bodhi
  4. Ruvanvelisaya Dagoba
  5. Archaeological Museum
  6. Jetavanarama Dagoba
  7. Isurumuniya Vihara
  8. Ratnaprasada
  9. Sandahiru Seya
  10. Royal Pleasure Gardens
  11. Thuparama Dagoba
  12. Kuttam Pokuna
  13. Jetavanarama Museum
  14. Mirisavatiya Dagoba
  15. Abhayagiri Museum
  16. Samadhi Buddha Statue
  17. Eth Pokuna (Elephant Pond)

Distance from Major Tourist Places

  • Wilpattu National Park to Anuradhapura – 55 kilometers
  • Dambulla to Anuradhapura – 72 kilometers
  • Puttalam to Anuradhapura – 74 kilometers
  • Sigiriya to Anuradhapura – 78 kilometers
  • Minneriya to Anuradhapura – 87 kilometers
  • Kalpitiya to Anuradhapura – 119 kilometers
  • Kandy to Anuradhapura – 152 kilometers

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