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Living Root Bridges (Meghalaya)

Deep in the dense tropical forests of Meghalaya, and also shrouded in cloud as well as rainfall for much of the year, are some astonishing man-made natural wonders. Known to as living root bridges, inventive members of the Khasi tribe have trained them to grow from the roots of ancient rubber trees, native to the northeast region. The root bridges offer a stable option to wood bridges, which decay and also get destroyed during the lengthy monsoon seasons.

About Living Root Bridges

It takes about 15 years for a new Root bridge to come to be solid enough to bear the weight of people crossing it. Nevertheless, it will certainly continue to grow and strengthen even more over time. Several of the bridges are believed to be centuries old, although no one understand their exact age. Their tangled webs of Roots are practically eerie in nature and also wouldn't keep an eye out of area in a fantasy world.

Double Decker Root Bridges of Nongriat Village: Umshiang Bridge

While these root bridges are a common occurrence in Meghalaya, especially around Shillong and also Cherrapunjee, the most amazing amongst them is the double decker bridge of Nongriat Village.

The well-known double decker bridge over the Umshiang River was constructed in two parts. As Khasi custom goes, the initial level of the bridge was developed much before the 2nd one. One monsoon, it needed to be fortified to the second level because apparently, water from the Umshiang River had reached to the first level.

Keep in mind: Please ensure you're physically fit to take on the difficult surface of the region prior to you embark on this trek.

  • Starting Point of the Trek: Tyrna Village
  • Distance: 3 KM one way
  • Duration: 4-5 hours

Other Root Bridge Treks:

Meghalaya is well-known for housing more than a hundred Root bridges in all of the state, specifically around the East Khasi hillsides. If you're an experience fanatic, you can hike to one of these lower well-known root bridges along with one of the most popular one. Wonder and also motivation is assured for all of these!

1. Ummunoi Root Bridge Trek

After a descent of almost 1400 Metres, you get to the bridge over the Ummunoi River, which is another among the most famous and also earliest bridges in Meghalaya.

  • Starting Point of the Trek: Laitkynsew Village
  • Where: Nongkroh Village
  • Distance: 2 KM one way
  • Duration: 4-5 hours

2. Ritymmen Root Bridge Trek

Usually claimed to be the longest living Root bridge recognized, a trip to this one shall not disappoint! Once you’re confident about the rain washed terrain

  • Starting Point of the Trek: Tyrna Village
  • Where: The Nongthymmai Village
  • Duration: 1.5-2 hours

3. Mawsaw Root Bridge

If you can muster up some more breath in your lungs after the double decker Trek, head over to the Mawsaw Root Bridge. It takes just about 30 minutes of strolling after the double decker bridges. There are natural swimming pools next to this root bridge for added incentive.