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Athirappilly Falls

Height: 25 m

Average flow rate: 52 m3/s (1,836 cu ft/s)

Watercourse: Chalakudy River

Location: Thrissur District, Kerala

Ideal Time: 5 to 7 hours

Timings: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry Fee: INR 15 per person for adults

Best Time to Visit: September to January

Language Spoken: Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi & English

Information on Athirappilly Falls

Found 60 kilometers from the Thrissur area of Kerala, Athirapally Falls is a wonderful waterfall of fizzing waters that makes its means from the Anamudi Mountains of the Western Ghats. This eighty feet high and 330 feet broad marvel is located at the entryway of the Sholayar arrays and also is commonly referred to as the "Niagara Falls of India". From here, the Athirapally drops circulations with the verdant greenery of Vazhachal Forest toward the Arabian Sea, producing a magnificent view of brilliant water, emerald forests as well as azure skies.

Travel to Athirapally waterfall is the excellent area for the travelers to discover the charm of all-natural falls. Travelers can take pleasure in the falls goes down from a height of eighty ft. that offer a unique sight of the waterfall from this visitor area. Book kerala holiday packages with Swan Tours and visit Vazhachal waterfall which is simply 2 kilometers from the Athirapally drops. It flows with a likely incline of greater than 300 feet to come down right into huge swimming pool. The woodland location as well as the cool spray that covers a big area near the drops makes Athirapally as well as Vazhachal gorgeous scenic locations.

Travel Guide to Athirappilly Falls

One can get to top of Athirapally falls with around (15 minutes) stroll from the falls entry. It provides stunning views of the Sholayar hills as well as a unique view of the falls from this place. Regarding (10 to 15 minutes) travel down from top of the falls will take you to base of the drops where the best beauty of the waterfalls can be experienced.

Must know things about Athirappilly Falls before you go

Athirappilly Falls is certainly among the beautiful tourist places in Kerala. A visit to this prominent falls will certainly satiate the nature enthusiast in you! Here is list of must know things about Athirappilly Falls before you go below:-

  1. Chalakudy: The Mesmerizing Beauty
  2. Largest in Kerala
  3. Vazhachal, the abode of the wild
  4. Branched Out!
  5. Eco-Tourist Hotspot
  6. Favorite Shooting Location
  7. Harm that Hovers!
Best Time to Visit Athirapally

Because the area experiences tropical, the best time to go to below will certainly be either monsoon or wintertime’s a when the environment remains pleasurable. Visitors who are coming specially to see the Athirapally waterfall must see below throughout the gale period to see it industrious.

Quick Tips Athirappilly Falls:
  1. Put on a comfy set of sport shoes as you'll require to hike.
  2. The aged would locate it really difficult to traverse.
  3. Though the sights are best in the monsoons, however as trekking then obtains hard, it is better to visit in summertime’s and also springs.
  4. Plastic bags, alcohol and also smoking cigarettes are purely prohibited in the location.
  5. If time permits, capture the sunset views of Athirapally falls.

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