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Masrur Temple

Visitor Information

Famous For: Religion, History, Mythology, Architecture, and Photography.

Entry Fee: No fee is required.

Visiting Time: Open daily from 7am to 7pm.

Visiting Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Masrur Rock Cut Temple Himachal

Masrur Temple is a famous tourist destination located in Masrur town at a distance of 15 kilometres to the south of Kangra. 15 Shikhar temples that are situated inside the caves form a complex which is known as Masrur Temple. Amongst the 15 temples, Thakurdwara Temple has Blackstone images of Hindu deities Rama, Lakshmana and also Sita, while the sculpture of Lord Shiva stands in the center. It has a square garbhagriha in the antarala while the opposite of the temple has a rectangular mandapa with four huge columns and a mukha mandapa with four subsidiary shrines.

Representing Indo-Aryan style of architecture, this temple was constructed in the 10th century using a solid piece of rock. Due to its architectural style, it is said to be reminiscent of the Ajanta-Ellora temples. Devoted to the Hindu God Shiva, the architectural style of the temple can be traced back to the 8th or 9th centuries.

The Masroor temples are a unique monolithic structure and also are also one of the most uncharted temples in Himachal Pradesh. It is a complicated of single-rock-cut monolithic temples, in Nagara design, dated by art historians to 6-- 8th centuries. This divine shrine is located on capital top at a height of concerning 2,500 ft from the sea level.

Masroor temple is a riddle for historians and also archaeologists as its date of construction cannot be established from any type of legitimate resource. There is no inscriptional mention of the patronage or period of the construction on the temple itself. Likewise, it has actually not been discovered in any kind of historical account regarding when this temple was constructed. The scholars in background however associate this temple to some unknown rulers of old Jalandhar kingdom in the levels of modern Punjab.

Best Time to Visit

It is recommended that you try to check out the Masroor Rock Cut Temple throughout Shiv Ratri so that you get to take pleasure in the festival that the local people celebrate there in enjoyable and also romp during that time. It is additionally advised that you avoid visiting the temple in the monsoon period because of the abrupt and unsafe landslides that occur in Himachal Pradesh at that time as a result of the heavy rainfall.

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