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Kangra is a famous district in Himachal Pradesh that is the administrative headquarters of the state with Dharamshala. It is renowned as the Land of the Gods and the mighty river Beas flows through the Kangra Valley. You can also witness the Dhauladhar Ranges with a coverage of ancient temples and tea plantations that steal your sight. Catch hold of any Himachal Pradesh trip packages that let you embark with the spectacular journey to Kangra.

Which is the best time to pay a visit to Kangra?

The best time to pay a visit to Kangra is during the summer months of March to June when the temperature in this place remains moderate with cool winds blowing in the evenings. This is a perfect sightseeing spot for tourists every year. All the snow lovers can visit the place during the winter months of December to February.

Places to visit in Kangra

Kangra Fort - This is the Kangra Fort that is located 2 km away from Kangra that is the land of Trigarta that generally occupies the lower valley of the river Beas and its tributaries.

Baijnath Temple - Himachal Pradesh is famous for the sacred Baijnath Temple which is a popular pilgrimage spot that is 36 km away from Kangra but is the number one location that needs to be counted on when it is about sightseeing in Kangra.

Brajeshwari Temple is one of the most popular spiritual spots in Kangra that is visited by a lot of tourists every year as this place is believed to be very sacred.

Kareri Lake is a shallow water body with clear and fresh waters originating from the Dhauladhar ranges, located 25 km away from the main city center.

Chamunda Devi Temple is the most pilgrimage spot that Kangra is the most famous for tourism, dedicated to the shrine of the Hindu deities, Hanuman and Bhairava and the raging form of Goddesses.

Jwala Devi Temple is another utmost famous religious spot in India that is often visited by the Hindus. This place has 51 shakti peethas who are worshipped in this temple.