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Famous For: Nature, Photography, and Adventure.

Entry Fee: No fee is required barring transport and adventure sports.

Visiting Time: Any time during the day or night as per your choice.

Visiting Duration: Almost an entire day.

Vijaynagar Beach Andaman

If there is a paradise on this planet, it's nowhere else than the Vijaynagar Beach or Beach #5 which is one of the less frequented areas of Andaman and also Nicobar Island. Palm-fringed shoreline outstretches your visual range as well as creates a spectacular comparison of environment-friendly as well as blue on the canvas of nature. Vijaynagar Beach is a moving beach unlike several other rocky beaches of the Andaman Islands and also is, as a result, a perfect relaxing place for overfilling nomadic hearts.

It is a highly acclaimed spot to experience incredible sunrises and sundown’s across the disappearing point of the Bay of Bengal. Being a virgin beach, you can only find a few backpackers getting tanned in the sunlight or delighting in water sports. Under the eco-friendly canopy of palm and also coconut trees, it’s a heavenly retreat to take a nap or read or favorite novel.

Vijaynagar Beach is a destination for adventure lovers and also naturalists as it keeps an excellent beauty being much less crowded by common visitors. Some of the common activities you can indulge on your own in are beach hiking, snorkelling, swimming, bird watching, and wildlife photography, fishing and also trekking.

The lengthy stretch of glimmering white sandy beach under the cossets of coconut groves, the interplay of light and also shade in the blue-green sea water, periodic peek of sea crabs from beneath the beach and also primarily a frustrating quietness of the island make Vijaynagar Beach one of the best places to visit in Andaman and also Nicobar. The place is well linked by road as well as rivers with the landmass as well as you can reach your destination by roadway and also rivers according to your convenience.

Getting There

Vijaynagar Beach is located in the Havelock Island. To reach here, one can take a vehicle rickshaw or Air Conditioner buses from Havelock Jetty. Daily AC buses run till the Dolphin Resort. Visitors can likewise work with a bike, or paddle with the island to reach the Vijaynagar Beach.

Places to eat in and near Vijaynagar Beach

Your visit to Vijaynagar Beach can never ever be total without trying the fresh and delectable seafood available in the local restaurants. The plates have distinctive flavor as the culinary method of this area is deeply affected by diverse cultures of West Bengal, Myanmar as well as the states of South as well as North India.

Some of the best food joints at Vijaynagar Beach are given below:

  • Full Moon Cafe
  • Something Different
  • Kerala Cafe
  • Nemo Cafe
  • Shakahaar-Pure Veg Restaurant
  • Squid Restaurant
  • Fluidz (restro-pub)
  • Waters- Wet Bar
  • Charcoal Grill & Restaurant
  • Bonova Cafe and Pub
  • Welcome Restaurant
Things to Do There
  • Enjoy walking down the beach.
  • Take part in promising adventure sports activities like swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, deep sea diving, surf riding and also others to really feel the blood flowing through your veins.
  • Spend some time alone in introspection in the serenity of nature.
  • Take multiple photographs of the scenic beauty all around.
Timing to visit Vijaynagar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach is open to tourists, honeymooners, adventure buffs, wildlife photographers as well as all type of fun fans throughout the year any time of the day. But if you want to head on water sports activities or nature photography, day time is the best alternative as you can witness the enthralling biodiversity of the place first hand.