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Bharatpur Beach

One of the finest and most incredible beaches of Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach attracts a horde of tourists year-round. This beach has an expansive stretch of sand and also greenery that overlooks a vast expanse of the blue sea.

Bharatpur Beach Andaman

What makes this seafront popular is the existence of colourful coral reefs, which fascinate visitors. These reefs are lived in by a variety of beautiful aquatic creatures that can be seen swimming around.

By taking a ride in a glass bottom boat, tourists can view these reefs closely. Another activity that tourists enjoy at this beach is swimming.

Bharatpur beach is placed just half a kilometer far from the Neil Island jetty. Sunrise and Sunset sights below are memorable. The serenity of the place comes as a blessing for peace seekers.

  • Glass bottom boat ride - INR 150
  • Snorkeling- INR 400 (for one round)
  • How to reach: Normal boats are government ferries are available from Port Blair to Neil Island.

Bharatpur Beach For Kids

This beach is a fun destination for kids, where they can make sand castle, play Frisbee, admire coral reefs as well as delight in swimming in the shallow waters, among other things.

Best time to visit Bharatpur Beach:

Bharatpur Beach features tropical weather all year round. During summer seasons the temperature level goes as high as 34 degree Celsius. The days are warm and also humid however the temperature level comes down in the evening due to the awesome wind that makes it pleasant. During monsoon season Bharatpur Island experiences modest rains. Because of rainfalls, water sports cannot be appreciated in this season. Monsoon adds beauty to the environments and also there is lush greenery around. In winter season the temperature level varies from 14 levels Celsius to 34 degree Celsius. It is the ideal season in which you can delight in indulging in water sports as well as explore the beach.

Though tourist go to Bharatpur Beach year round, the best time to see Bharatpur Beach remains in the winter season that is from October to February as the weather is pleasurable and calm. One can indulge in all the tourist activities comfortably in this season owing to favorable temperatures.

Places to visit near Bharatpur Beach:
  1. Laxmanpur Beach
  2. Howrah Bridge
  3. Sitapur Beach
  4. Ram Nagar Beach
Things to do in Bharatpur Beach
  1. Glass Bottomed Boat
  2. Snorkelling
  3. Scuba Diving
  4. Jet Skiing
Interesting Facts about the Bharatpur Beach

The Bharatpur Beach is called the reefs capital in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands because of the variety and also amount of corals reefs found at the bottom of the sea.

The way to beach opens a wide variety of flora and also fauna for the tourists, one of the most prominent ones being the palm trees.

This beach is famous for the various species of fish that are observed.