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Rafting in Bhutan

River Rafting In Po Chu River & Mo Chu River Are the Most Popular Rafting Courses in Bhutan

Bhutan's freshwater rivers are a source of envy to several, continuously fed by natural glacier lakes, in the Himalayas. It sustains freshwater life forms, significant hydropower tasks as well as has lately acquired appeal for journey sporting activities such as rafting, kayaking, and angling. Rivers are identified by significant top as well as undercurrents. Major rivers boast of 200 CFS- 7000 CFS of water volume. Rapids are great and are suitable for beginners in addition to professionals. The valley of Punakha is popular for rafting with Bhutan's two most prized rivers Po Chhu and Mo Chhu. A rafting scenic tour or overnight camping near Po Chhu adhered to by a day of rafting following day is an absolute treat.

Instead than the thrilling adrenaline rush throughout the rafting, you will get time to admire the elegance of the lavish eco-friendly valleys and watching unusual birds while likewise delighting in the amazing time as you run the rapids.

Location: Around 16 km of rafting route of Po Chu River with modest rapids and 10 kilometers of rafting path of Mo Chu River are the most preferred rafting courses in Bhutan

Best Time to Visit: March to May and also October to November

Approx. Price: The approximate cost for one boating which can hold eight peoples and also a local guide is 30,000 BTN.

Problem Degree: Moderate.

White Water Kayaking & Rafting in Bhutan

Prepare to embark on among one of the most relaxing rafting experience of your life in Bhutan.

Rafting implies traveling down the gushing waters of river in a blow-up rubber boating or kayak over roaring waves and also swirling fast-moving water using paddles.

Boating along the Pho Chu River for 16 kilometers with about 15 rapids of course 2-4 as well as also at Mo Chu River with 10 KILOMETRES training course consisting of around 10 rapids with 2 or more than 2 rapids.

No special experience is needed for the rafting, as long as you do not mind doing a bit of paddling and obtaining a little bit wet.

Wandering previous imposing 17th century Punakha Dzong (fort orgasm abbey) seeing world's rarest bird are the most incredible experience you would certainly enjoy to treasure.

Things to Carry
  • Comfortable Footwear
  • Extra Set of Clothes
  • Camera

If you are in the mood to get Adventurous River Rafting while discovering the unrivaled natural beauty, Bhutan is the place to be.