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River Rafting in Bhutan

Like any other sport performed in Bhutan, you can enjoy white river rafting that is motivated towards making its visitors happy. Bhutan is a place where you find abundant rivers namely, Mo Chhu, Paro Chhu in Punakha, Sankosh River, Mangde Chhu, Wang Chhu, Puna Tsang Chhu, and the Dangme Chhu at various locations being the perfect destination for river rafting.

Places of River rafting in Bhutan

1. Po Chhu - You can undergo the white-water river rafting for which the Po Chhu river is the most famous as the views from the place is breathtaking and the long suspension bridge crossing it is what makes the place ore lively and eligible for adventures giving you an adrenaline rush. You can come for the white river rafting in this place at Punakha Valley throughout the year.

2. Mo Chhu - Another awesome place for white river rafting is the Mo Chhu river where you can come across a large number of migratory birds followed by 10 km course that takes about an and a half to complete. Not only for adults, but this place is famous also for the chidren who seek to perform river rafting.

3. Paro Chhu - The Paro River that flows from the south of Mount Jolmohari is another splendid river rafting location to experience in Bhutan that is located with the beautiful geographical backdrop of the Paro Valley and meadows along with gorges that makes it an exciting spot for sightseeing as well as for adventurous sports.

4. Kuri Chhu - Go for river rafting in the scenic river with a scenic deep valley and a high ridge formed by the Manas River which is the largest of all the rivers in Bhutan. This river is the most unpredictable that flows through steep slope with utterly fast moving rapids. The best time to visit river rafting is during the months from March to April and November to December.

5. Wang Chhu - Located in Thimphu, you can come across river rafting in the Wang Chhu river, that is the tribuary of the mighty Brahmaputra flowing through Bhutan and offering a brilliant chance fr white river rafting and kayaking where you also get a glimpse of the SAARC building and Samtenling Palace, where the king resides.

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