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Archery in Bhutan

Archery in Bhutan

Archery in Bhutan is the national sport of the Kingdom. Archery was declared the nation sport in 1971, when Bhutan ended up being a member of the United Nations. Ever since, the appeal of Bhutanese archery has boosted both within as well as outside Bhutan, with a measure of government promotion.

Bhutan is the only nation worldwide in which archery is the national sport.

This is part one of a three-part series called the Land of the Thunder Dragon exploring the society of archery in Bhutan Part two is An Olympic Flagbearer and also part three is Practice, religion and identity.

History of Archery in Bhutan

Declared as the national sporting activity in 1971, the inclination of individuals towards archery in Bhutan began in the 1920s, under the leadership of Jigme Wangchuk, the 2nd king of the nation. However, archery has actually been practiced in the country given that long before after that. It was made use of as a major weapon versus Tibetan and also British intruders in the 1864 fight. Not simply this, the weapon can be seen also in the historic paintings and also wall makings, demonstrating the significance of this sporting activity in the lives and also the history of Bhutan.

Throughout wars and invasions, this was the major source of defence for the military. In fact, when Tibetan King Langdarma began taking Buddhism as a joke in the 10th century, he was really wisely assassinated by an arrowhead, targeted straight from a bow, in the center of a Black Hat Dancing by Lhalung Pelgi Dorji, a Buddhist monk. So, it would be risk-free to state that the roots of archery are based deep under the premises of Bhutan.

“Why is archery so crucial right here?"

I'm speaking with an archer called Singhye. We get on the range at Chinglimithang, in the resources Thimphu, on a bright Saturday morning in September.

Location: The archery events are held throughout Bhutan. Every town organizes and competes in these competitions.

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