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Unawatuna Tourism

Tourism in Unawatuna

Where is it: Unawatuna – (150 KMS) south of Colombo, on the west coast of Sri Lanka.

When to go: November to March

Currency: Rupees – LKR

Province: Southern Province

District: Galle District

Popular for: Beach, Coral and Water Activity

If you planning to visit Unawatuna? Here is details about Unawatuna tourism as well as travel guide to help you prepare your travel in Unawatuna, Sri Lnaka. Unawatuna is a community in coastal location of the Galle Area in Sri Lanka. It is among the most visited by tourist destination. The main points that capture the attention of individuals are its most stunning coastline and corals reefs.

A Travel Guide to Unawatuna

Unawatuna in Sri Lanka is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Sri Lanka. Travelers on a vacation like to spend their time in the southerly component of Sri Lanka. This is generally because the south has one of the most gorgeous coastlines in Sri Lanka. With roughly a one hour trip from the Colombo, Unawatuna's an excellent tourist places to stay for a couple of days. The community itself is small, has fantastic purchasing, guesthouses, trendy restaurants and quite some tasks and also sightseeing and tour nearby.

Why Visit Unawatuna?

For one-of-a-kind as well as magical adventure go to the "Jungle Coastline", a tiny beach shed in the forest just (4 kilometers) from Unawatuna. Easily accessible by tuk-tuk or watercraft, this is a great place for snorkeling. An exciting day trip away from the coastline is to the Mangrove Refuge where you can roam along the elevated boardwalks built with the twisted origins as well as trees. The Mangrove Haven is a remarkable location to identify birds and even monkeys!

What you will like in Unawatuna

The sea - Sri Lanka is a little island country with Arabian Sea all over. The piece de resistance there is the lovely sea as well as the marine ecological community. Take pleasure in the sea with exciting water activities.

Surfing - If you enjoy surfing, you should go to Unawatuna. The Unawatuna gives you great beaches for the surfers. However you require to be really careful concerning the water degree as it might obtain deep.

Local Food - Where there is the sea, you will get fantastic sea foods including of Tuna-in fresh, Shrimps & Prawns, Crabs and Lobsters, Shark fins, Fish maws, Beche-de-mer, Cuttlefish & Squid, Sprats and much more. You will certainly obtain scrumptious stuffed rotis almost everywhere in Unawatuna. Some excellent dining establishments on the beach are Hot Rock, Peacock Restaurant and more.

Spas - To refresh up your mind, you can explore spas and health centers like the Sanctuary Spa, Capre Diem Massage therapy center, Ayurveda Lanka Spa and lot of spas centers there to visit.

Yoga Centers - Yoga is understood to recover the body and mind considering that old times. If you need to kick back mentally, try yoga. Some yoga centers in Unawatuna are Sri Yoga Exercise Shala, Yoga Exercise with Ashiri, and much more.

Shopping in Unawatuna - You will certainly find colorful treasures, jewellery, clothing, shoes, and lot of things available in the market of Unawatuna.

Best Things to Do In Unawatuna, Sri Lnaka
  1. Find an Insta-Worthy Palm Tree Swing
  2. Day Trip to Galle Fort
  3. Take a Hike to Jungle Beach
  4. Find the Fishermen on Stilts
  5. Nab Yourself a Bali-Style Bargain
  6. Try the Roti at the Hut Roti Shop
  7. Treat Yo’self to a Massage
  8. Enjoy the views from the Japanese peace pagoda
  9. Party on the beach in unawatuna

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