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Nine Arches Bridge in Ella, is also known as the Ahas Namaye Palama or The Bridge in the Sky that is frequently visited by the tourists every year, is covered with lush green forests, mountain peaks and also an appreciable work of architecture that has worked wonders.

Visit The Nine Arches Bridge

ou will love to watch the sunrise from the northern end of the bridge for it is beautiful from there, followed by the southern end for sunset that is equally beautiful for catching sights. When you get down at the ella station, you will be boarding any of the roadway means to reach out to the bridge that is 3 km away from the former.  Make sure that you keep away from the wild animals and leeches, stay away from the passing train, stay clear from edges and cliffs and also make sure you do not litter the surroundings. The best spots that you can cover on your visit are, the main bridge that is the prime attraction, followed by the tea fields towards Demodra, the hills towards the Ella station, and last but not the least the Asanka Cafe Viewpoint. For more information on Sri Lnaka tour packages visit Swan Tours Sri Lnaka Packages.