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Recommended Duration: 1 Day

Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR)

Area: 20.2 km²

Elevation: 5 m

Province: Northern Province

District: Jaffna

Popular for: Fort, Beach and Temples

Type: Nature, Culture

Population: 359,000


Visit Jaffna

Jaffna is the place with the immense historical importance that is located at the northern tip of the country, and have a strong influence on the Tamil and Hindu cultures. It is one of the most industrial cities of the country and tourism along with port business contributes to the economy of Sri Lanka. Most suitable time to pay a visit to Jaffna is during the months from January to September because they are the warm months compared to the rainy season. 

Tourist Places to Visit in Jaffna

The most beautiful places that you can come across on your visit to Jaffna are the Casuarina beach with soft golden sands, blue clear waters and also abundant casuarina trees that are found along the shoreline of the beach.

The Jaffna Library which is one of the most visited buildings and construction of those times and is prominently visited by the tourists coming to Sri Lanka for a vacation, the Dutch fort which is an ensemble of the Portuguese times, Delft island that is locally known as Neduntheevu and situated in northern Sri Lanka, the Jaffna fort which is the second largest in the country, Hammenhiel fort which is famous for the reputation of being a prison along with Dambakola Patuna, or the fort of Jambukola that takes you to the ancient times of the history of the Buddhist community, and also the Charty beach where you can enjoy the day and also watch the sunset which is utterly charming. Book Srilanka tourism package with Swan Tours at best price.