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When one speaks about a family vacation, the first few points that strike one's mind are green trees, blue skies, cool weather, wonderful food as well as a place where you can forget all your woes and calm down. This holiday destination is among st those that fall under the category of delivering this experience to its visitors.

Lying at the foothills of the Himalayas, Dehradun which is the capital of Uttarakhand is known for its attractive environment and the charming landscapes it encompasses. Among one of the most impressive truths about this place however, is that it is also one of the most crucial education and learning hubs in the whole of India. How a place so small and petite is able to give a tough competition to other financial sectors of India is truly unimaginable.

Dehradun Lies on Doon Valley which is located on a differing elevation of about 410m. The area is especially known for its climate. While one will certainly experience an enjoyable amazing climate in Dehradun, the city is most of the times referred to as the 'Stormy city of India' because of the constant rains particularly during monsoons.

Dehradun is the capital of Uttarakhand. In the recent years-- there was a sense of construction boom that took place in which endless house raised in the city. Modern buildings have gradually been constructed making up for the good portions of Dehradun.

Best Season / Best Time to Visit Dehradun

The mesmerizing hill station, Dehradun, can be visited throughout the year.

Winter (December to February) have an optimum of 22 ° C and also a minimum of about 3 ° C.

Summer (March to June) have a maximum temperature of 35 °C and a minimum of 17 °C. Most of the tourists prefer this period for visiting Dehradun as it is best for adventure and sightseeing. It is in fact, the perfect season for Dehradun tourism. Monsoon (July to September) offer mild to medium rainfall during which period the destination looks more attractive.

Autumn (October to November), is good for taking pleasure in the natural charm as the areas turn burned red with vibrant shades of gold. Dehradun is an all year destination where summer seasons are ideal for all sightseeing as well as various other activities while the winter provides quite amazing environment as well as is enjoyable time for honeymoon in Dehradun. Snowfall can be enjoyed in only on extremely high altitudes. Monsoon on the other hand is perfect for short trips and also good for enjoying the natural scenic beauties.

Activities in Dehradun

Shopping: Dehradun is a shopper's delight. There are a lot of markets, bazaars, going shopping malls in Dehradun where one can in shopping spree for basically anything. Famous markets and shopping centers in Dehradun are Paltan Exchange, Indira Market, Pacific Mall and Cross Road Mall.

Golfing: Dehradun is one the few places in Uttarakhand where one can appreciate the sport of golf. There is a DSOI Golf Clubhouse located at Vijay Path whereas few mini Golf courses are also available.

Cycling: Biking is the perfect exercise to enjoy Dehradun. The thrilling climate of Dehradun is always urging to use upcycling. The city has best cycling tracks which begins with Raipur road as well as continues 20 kms along the old Mussoorie Highway.

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