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Hoysaleswara Temple

Timing: 6:30 AM 9:00 PM

Entry Fee: NA

Important Festival: Shivratri

Location: Halebeedu

Significance: One of the largest temples dedicated to Lord Shiva in South India

Visit Hoysaleswara Temple

Being one of the ancient symbols of Halebidu, the Hoysaleswara Temple is dedicated to the shrines of Lord SHiva which is located in the west of the Dwarasamudra lake in a small town in Karnataka. It is a 12th Century Hindu temple which is significant for the style of ancient architecture and the scultures an structures that you will come across engraved on its walls which is the main reason attracting tourists from all across the globe. Since the times of the Hoysala dynasty, is dedicated to the two shrines of Hoysaleswara  and Shantaleswara, making it one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. THe best time to visit the temple is during the months from November to March which is the winter season. Moreover, you can visit the open archaeological museum on the temple complex where you get to catch sight of the inscriptions, coins, and wooden idols of Lord Ganesh and Nandi followed by the library of Kannada Books, Jain Basti, and also the Kedareshwar temple of the 13th century. For more information on travel packages to South India contact Swan Tours or call 011 23415601.

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