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Spituk Gompa

Not Allowed: Footwear

Allowed: Camera, Video

Famous For: God Lovers, Nature Lovers

Entry Fee: INR 20 per person

Visiting Time: 6am-1pm & 1.30-6pm

Duration of Visit: around 2 to 3 hours

Location: Leh district Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Festivals: Gustor Festival: 27-29th of the 11th month

Spituk Gompa Travel Guide

Spituk Gompa is yet one more exciting abbey, on capital top near Indus about eighteen kilometers from Leh on Srinagar road. The Spituk monastery uses an impressive sight of Indus. It has a totally new Gompa within the monastery in addition to the old Gompa has actually likewise been restored at the same time. It is created in a series of rates with yards and also steps. Higher up in capital is a chamber which houses the enormous statue of siren. Its face is covered as well as revealed just as soon as in a year throughout the festival time.

Tourist Attractions at Spituk Monastery

If you go to Spituk the entire monastery is a fantastic sightseeing attractions for the travelers around the world. Inside the abbey, tourists explore the massive throne of Dalai Lama. Else you will also concern see an old church including wallpapers of Buddha, TsongKha pa together with his two disciples behind the throne. This sacred abbey is thought about as a have to see abbey for the Buddha devotees and history enthusiasts. If you go in the abbey you will run into lots of statuaries and images of Lord Buddha. There is likewise a divine idolizer of Amitayus. The setting up of the abbey features sufficient collections of thangkas which is just a painting on silk or cotton showing Lord Buddha.

Tips for Visiting Spituk Monastery

Do go to the location if you want understanding various other culture as well as ethnicities. Do not miss the Spituk event which is a charming experience providing the glance of their local customizes.

Best Time to Visit

If you planning to explore (Jul - Sep) is the only time vacationers can prepare a browse through to the Spituk Abbey as the roads continue to be open. Else, Gustor Event, additionally referred to as Spituk Celebration, will be a great time to plan, specifically when the purpose of the go to is to experience entirely various societies.

Spituk Gustor Festival

Spituk Gustor Event is an once a year winter month’s event in Ladakh. It is the perfect occasion to support you up in the harsh winters. Gustor in the regional language means 'Sacrifice of the 29th day' and is a typical routine to the abbeys of the reformist Geluk-pa order of Tibetan Buddhism.

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