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Wayanad is known as nature's abode in Kerala where you come across a lot of historical caves, resorts, and also a lot of spice plantations that make your visit to the place worthwhile. When you reach Wayanad, you will be in love with the excellence of the nature that is rich with species of fauna and flora amidst the Nilgiri biosphere reserve and the hills of the Western Ghats with elephants, leopards, and bears as the mostly found animals. 

Visit Wayanad

The most favorable time that you are advised to make a visit to Wayanad is during the months from October to May that count in the winter season. The summers and monsoons do not treat the tourists well when it comes to transfers and sightseeing for the weather remain sweltering and humid.

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Famous Places to visit in Wayanad

1. Banasura Dam: This dam lies amidst the Banasura hills in the Wayanad district where you can come across the thrilling adventures like speed boating, trekking to the Banasura peak, exploring the beautiful nature with rich species of both fauna and flora, along with beautiful streams and waterfalls.

2. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: 21 km away from the city, you will come across the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary that is in Kerala where you will be witnessing a lot of species, both flora and fauna that are rare and endangered with Eucalyptus, and bamboo trees among the most popular among the region.

3. Chembara Peak: Elevated at a height of 2100 m, the Chembara Peak is located exactly 17 km away from the city center that is one of the most attractive locations for the keen mountaineers and campers where you might be guided by the experts trained skillfully.

4. Soochipara Falls: When you are in Wayanad, you must come across the three tired waterfalls where you will catch the best insights during the months from June to January. This is an extremely popular site for rock climbing enthusiasts and picnickers.

5. Pookode Lake: Located 20 km away from the city center, Pookode lake is a renowned freshwater lake that is untouched by human existence. It is a famous tourist destination famous for its greenhouse and aquarium with boat rides in calm waters as well as kayaking as one of the most sought activities.