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Vagamon is elevated at a height of 1100 m above the sea and is blessed with the natural significance that upholds the beauty of city, gathering a lot of tourists every year. Vagamon forest is a man-made forest that was created in the British era followed by the beautiful valley filled with pine trees amidst the cool and aromatic breeze. The top attractions that you discover in this place is the Marmala Waterfall, Thangalpara that is a pilgrimage center and also the Barren Hills in Vagamon along with the Vagamon Lake.

Visit Vagamon

The most favorable time to visit vagamon is during all months of the year for its location and natural setting allows its tourists to experience the best weather conditions making the dry months to be the best escape for travel enthusiasts. Summers bring you elephant rides and paragliding festivals, while winters make hiking and tea plantation tour favorable.

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Places to visit in Vagamon

The top places to visit in Vagamon include the follows:

1. Ulipooni Wildlife sanctuary: It is one of the most exciting way to watch out for the rich fauna and flora species in Vagamon, also contributing to the ideal picnic spot. This location is untouched by the urban life and modernity of busy life where couples also like undergoing boating.

2. Vagamon Meadows: If you are in Vagamon for a holiday, then you will love to enjoy the meadows away from the everyday life. The lush green meadows and grassland is admirable in vagamon that is surrounded by hills and also complemented by the cool and enchanting climate.

3. Kurisumala: If you want to count on any of the best pilgrimage spot in Vagamon, then this is the ideal place. All the followers head to this place during Good Friday weeks and Christmas for it is an important Christian pilgrimage spot.

4. Vagamon Falls: Make your way to the Vagamon Falls that lies amidst the dense vegetation and lush green surroundings making it an ideal picnic spot. It also has won the hearts of photgraphers and is the perfect location for the nature lovers with the waterfalls known as Palaruvi.

List of Tourist Places to Visit in Vagamon

Here is a list of the must-visit tourist attractions in Vagamon below:-

  1. Murugan Mala
  2. Kurisumala Ashram
  3. Hitech Bull Mother Farm
  4. Mitraniketan
  5. Vagamon Meadows
  6. Pine Forests
  7. Paragliding spot
  8. Mooppanpara
  9. Shivaganga waterfalls
  10. Honeymoon Cave
  11. Sita Vanam & Idukki wildlife sanctuary
  12. Wild Orchid Park
  13. Marmala Waterfall