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Thekkady Tourism

District: Idukki

State: Kerala

Recommended Duration: 01 - 02 Days

Best Time to Visit: October to February

Religion: Hinduism, Christianity, Islam

Famous Festivals: September to May

Nearest Airport: Madurai

Nearest Railway Station: Kottayam station

Currency: Rupees: INR

Pin code of Thekkady: 685509

Weather: Summer 25 To 35°C to °C Winter 15 To 21°C to °C

Language Spoken: Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi & English

Tour to Thekkady

If you preparing a tour to Thekkady, Kerala? Below is detailed regarding Thekkady tourism as well as a traveling guide to help you plan your holiday to Thekkady, Kerala.

Thekkady flaunts an impressive as well as a diverse range of distinctive wildlife, with hills glistering over boundless waters the attractive environment is recognized worldwide as home to a vast population of Indian Elephants. It additionally owns what is frequently referred as 'the satisfaction of Kerala' - The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary which has been rooted as one of the biggest, as well as most gone to wild animals, gets in India.

A Travel Guide to Thekkady

An amazingly charming little district in God's very own country, Thekkady is residence to the biggest tiger book in the country. Thus, Thekkady tourism offers you a wonderful chance to hop on a jungle holiday and also appreciate meet wildlife. So, prepare for an electrifying experience loaded with a bounty of taking in the sights choices that take travelers to little streams winding via dense forest overall sort of terrain of Kerala.

With an enjoyable type of weather in Thekkady around the year, this trip let visitors enjoy boating, bamboo rafting, hiking as well as also far more, as well as all that among wild. Flavor markets and elephant safaris are all a part of the appeal of this little slice of paradise. Along with the numerous gorgeous sights to see, tourism in Thekkady has a lot of sightseeing places and activity to experience here.

Be Prepared for Travel to Thekkady

Since Thekkady is enclosed by forests on all sides as well as has a wide array of wild animals, you will certainly find lots of bugs in the location. Take suitable safety measures as well as carry along with insect repellents. Throughout expeditions to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, it is advised to place on long-sleeved tee t-shirts and also lengthy trousers to avoid insect attacks.

Best Time to Visit Thekkady

Thekkady is just one of those tourist places that can be looked into throughout the year! Nonetheless, with every season adjustment, this wonderful visitor community transforms its color and also gets charmed by the new collection of modifications in the ambiance. Below is a peek of how Thekkady looks and also turns up with every season modification:

1. Summer Season (March to May): The maximum temperature level during this time of the year goes up to 36 degrees Celsius. March marks the beginning of summertime in Thekaddy. Since there's very little rush throughout this duration, good deals on hotels can be availed.

2. Monsoon Season (June to September): June to September is the time of monsoons here and the temperature drops a little with the environments draped in rich greenery. The rainfalls are a fun time to enjoy the rain washed beauty of Thekkady. In fact, monsoons probably are the very best time to be in Kerala. There's nothing more romantic or calming than the mad tropic showers here.

3. Winter Season (October to February): The maximum temperature level in winter goes up to 15 level Celsius and this is a great time to go for wildlife safaris and to appreciate the all-natural charm of Thekkady. Hence, by far the best time to visit Thekkady is winters when the weather is awesome and also pleasant and also almost beckoning for sightseeing.

How to Reach Thekkady

While Thekkady is an important and also popular location while traveling through Kerala, it does not have the very best connectivity to the rest of the nation. If you are wondering how to reach to Thekkady, then read on to discover the best way. Lacking an airport and a train station both, reaching Thekkady is an exercise requiring some amount of planning but it is definitely worth it.

By Air: The closest airport to Thekkady is the Madurai airport terminal at a distance of 103 kilometers. From Madurai, buses, as well as taxis, are easily available to reach Thekkady.

By Rail: The closest railway station to Thekkady is Ranimukku Junction in Kottayam (Tamil Nadu, which is 114 kilometers away. Taxis and also buses are also easily available from Kottayam.

By Road: Thekkady could be reached through National Freeway 220 and State Highway 41 in Kerala. Surface transports for Thekkady in the form of buses as well as taxis are very easily available from most of the major cities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Thekkady Distance from Nearby Places

  • Thekkady from Munnar - 93 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Madurai - 139 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Cochi - 157 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Trivandrum - 204.7 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Bangalore - 507 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Chennai - 572 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Mumbai- 1505 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Kolkata - 2221 Kilometers
  • Thekkady from Delhi City- 2646 Kilometers
Best Places to Visit in Thekkady

Thekkady, with its unspoiled tropical forests and also an amazing wealth of animal as well as plant, is a nature lover’s paradise. Thekkady is a vital part of any tour packages in Kerala itinerary for a visit to the state. There are a number of areas to visit in Thekkady. Covering most of the aspects of an ideal holiday for travelers, there are views of immaculate natural elegance, of religious significance as well as of cultural importance. The journey to the very best places in Thekkady will take you with charming little hill towns and soft contoured hill slopes. It is a delight for visitors because of its endless chain of the hill with aromatic spice plantations along with tea, coffee as well as cardamom. Various picturesque towns of Thekkady hold good opportunities for trekking and also mountain walks.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: The sanctuary is located on the banks of River Periyar, which offers a few of the very best wildlife discovery in India. To enjoy the real satisfaction of this amazing location in Thekkady one must take choose bamboo rafting. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary has an attractive view of lush green environments which will not just provide you a reason to smile but also excellent photos to record.

Mangla Devi Temple: Hidden amidst the dense forests of Thekkady, the Mangala Devi Temple is a sacred place of Hindus. It opens up once in a year just when the devotees provide their respect to the deity. The mandir opens on "Chitra Pournmi" which falls in the month of March.

Gavi: A small town in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala, Gavi is ideally placed around 14 km far from Kumily in Thekkady and also 28 kilometers from Vandiperiyar, a village in Idukki district.

Chellarkovil: At a distance of 15 Kms from Kumily & 5 Kms from Gudalur, Chellarkovil is an Eco-Tourist location located in between Anakkara and Gudalur. This area is blessed with rich all-natural beauty offers stunning views of bordering valleys. There is a watchtower located right here to capture the views of the beautiful hills.

Thekaddy Lake (Periyar Lake): This Lake is located in the middle of the lush-green jungle as well as is quite popular for the wildlife that can be seen in huge ranges. This Thekaddy Lake is also known as Periyar Lake. Thekaddy Lake offers one of its kind of animal watching, where the vacationers can enjoy the animals very closely, sitting comfortably in the water boat.  Boating is the best way to adore the beauty of the lake and also the national park.

Best Things to do in Thekkady
  1. Boating
  2. Jeep Safari in Thekkady
  3. Jungle Patrol – Shepherding the jungle
  4. Border Hiking – Protection oriented range hiking
  5. Bamboo Rafting – Dawn to dusk range hiking
  6. Tribal Heritage – A peep into the past
  7. Bullock Cart Discoveries
  8. Border Hiking
  9. Plantation Tour
  10. Elephant Ride
  11. Periyar Tiger Trail
  12. Visit Chellarkovil Waterfalls
  13. Visit Ramakkalmedu
  14. Visit Kalvari Mount
  15. Nature Walk – The guided day trek
Shopping in Thekkady

Things to buy and shopping in Thekkady can actually be interesting because you will certainly be attracted to purchase even the tiniest trivia displayed in the colorful stalls lining the roads. Packs of banana chips, newly fried in coconut oil, are additionally good buys while purchasing in Thekkady. Kumily, existing at concerning 4 km from Thekkady, is renowned as a major mall and also seasoning trade center. Apart from a wide array of flavors and also handicrafts, here, you can likewise find some intriguing mementos to repossess the house.

Food in Thekkady

The food in Thekkady - A world of scrumptious preparations captivates itself to the hearts of hungry travelers. Tasting the mouthwatering food of location is likewise pretty cost effective as there are quite a few pocket-friendly dhabas and also other eating joints at Thekkady. For the ones with much deeper pockets, chic restaurants with stylish insides include that extra little appeal to the experience of tasting wonderful food in Thekkady.

Thekkady Climate

The type of weather in Thekkady generally continues to be amazing and positive throughout the year with the exemption of a couple of months in the summer season when the temperature level touches the (37 DC) mark. The light environment makes it much easier for you to enjoy various activities such as jungle expedition, trekking as well as bamboo rafting.

FAQ’s about Thekkady Tourism

Q1. How much do elephant rides cost in Thekkady?

Ans. In Thekkady, the expense of a one as well as a half hour ride from the Elephant Junction is approximately Rs. 1300.

Q2. What safari is available in Thekkady?

Ans. There is boating, border hiking, Bamboo rafting as well as Jungle safari to Gavi. The safari includes trekking, pedal boating, and also checks out to cardamon plantations along with the museum.

Q3. Is it better to visit Thekkady with friends or family?

Ans. Thekkady is a location that you would visit to be near nature and thus, it is a peaceful and also luxurious experience. A visit with family is ideal as well as it is an outstanding location to spend some downtime with the family and relax. Obviously, if you have friends that share a usual interest with you, for example, wildlife/nature photography, after that it is a great place to visit with them as well.

Q4. What should someone pack when going to Thekkady?

Ans. In terms of garments, muted colors like environment-friendly, brownish, grey are suggested as the national park is the main attraction. The garments should ideally be comfortable and easy to walk around in. Since the other attractions around Thekkady are nature oriented as well, it makes loading the essentials of mosquito repellent, flashlight as well as excellent footwear necessary too.

Q5. Ideally, how long should someone stay in Thekkady?

Ans. The ideal amount of time spent in Thekkady would depend on the tourist's reason for going there. While there are numerous places around that are not to be missed to see truth elegance of the place, one can ideally see most of them in 3 or 4 days. However, as the largest tourist attraction is Periyar National Park, anybody checking out Thekkady to spend a couple of days observing the animals could do with staying a week and also seeing a few of the other nearby tourist attractions too.

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