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This is a beautiful small town that is situated 27 km away from Trivandrum and is untouched by the urban hustles, though covered with golden sand beaches and also the beautiful backwaters surmounting. This is popularly known as the tranquil fishing village that lies between the Arabian Sea and the Neyyar River. If you wish to swim or engage in boating in the river, you can do the same and also stay in any of the beautiful resorts or hotels.

Best Time to Visit to Poovar

The best time to pay a visit to Poovar is during the winter months from November to February where the temperature changes from 19 to 33 degree Celsius. This is the most pleasant time of the year for both transfers and sightseeing ventures surrounded by lush greenery.

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Places to visit Poovar

There are multiple places that you can choose to visit when you are around in Poovar and the same are,

1. Poovar Beach: This is an amazing beach that is located 2 km away from the city center that is located between the gorgeous River neyyar and the Arabian Sea with the cool breeze and coconut palms.

2. Thirparappu Falls: Located at a distance of 13 km away from the city, you will witness the Thirparappu falls in the Kodai River that exposes you to the best version of nature that is a reason why tourists are willing to pay a visit time and again.

3. Vizhinjam: This is a natural seaport in Trivandrum city that is very close to the international shipping routes of the place. Vizhinjam is now an international deepwater shipping hub for multifarious purposes.

4. Kovalam Beach: If you are in Poovar, you cannot miss the Kovalam Beach that holds huge natural relevance with its name among the major beaches in India. It has three most popular crescent beaches namely, Samudra Beach, Hawwah Beach and Lighthouse Beach.

Things to Do in Poovar with Family

  1. Experience the day boating in Poovar
  2. Take a tour to the Poovar
  3. Go for a picnic to the Neyyar Dam in Poovar
  4. Explore the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Poovar
  5. Shopping in Poovar
  6. Have fun at the beach in Poovar
Tourist Attractions to Visit in Poovar
  1. Poovar Beach
  2. Thirparappu Falls
  3. Vizhinjam
  4. The Fishing Village
  5. Cruises
  6. Boat Race