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Kannur is basically the crown of Kerala that is located on the Malabar Coast, also known as Cannanore. You have a multiple options for sightseeing when you land at this place namely beaches, temples, picnic spots and also monuments to name the major few. You will be witnessing styles and ensembles of the Dutch, Portuguese, British and also the Sultanate embedding the town along with a bevy of cashew trees surrounding the environs.

Best time to visit Kannur

The most advisable time to pay a visit to Kannur is during the months of winter starting from October and adjourning in February when the temperature remains pleasant for the vacation with 20 to 25 degrees of climate swaying to comfort its visitors.

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Famous Places to Visit in Kannur

1. Payyabalam beach: At a distance of 2 km from the city center, you will discover the Payyabalam beach that has golden sands, white water waves, and peaceful atmosphere that elevates the splendor of the place that brings more and more tourists to the place.

2. Muzzhapilangad Drive-in Beach: Located at a distance of 12 km from the city, you will come across the Muzzhapilangad Drive-in Beach that is known to be one of the most cleanest beaches in India with a breathtaking view from the beach awaiting.

3. St Angelo's Fort: If you are in Kannur, you will definitely enjoy visiting the St. Angelo's Fort that is one of the most beautifully situated historical destinations that is the most visited for being adjacent to the Arabian Sea offering you a wonderful view of the sky and nature.

4. Kannur Lighthouse: This is the first lighthouse of Kerala and the only one to count upon, in Kannur. You can watch the beautiful waters, amidst the cool clime from the balcony of the cylindrical concrete tower.

5. Baby Beach: If you are in the Baby Beach, then you are at the most attractive and pleasant beach of Kannur along the Arabian Sea which is also a brilliant picnic spot and panoramic views surrounding it for both the locals and also the tourists.

Tourist Places to Visit in Kannur

  1. Kappil beach
  2. Choottad Beach
  3. Kannur fort
  4. Dharmadam Island
  5. Pazhassi dam
  6. St. Angelo Fort
  7. Mappila bay
  8. Meenkunnu Beach
  9. Thalassery Fort
  10. Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach
  11. Bharmadam Beach
  12. Parassinikkadavu Snake Park
  13. Ezhara Beach
  14. Aaralam Wildlife Sanctuary
  15. Savitha Film City
  16. Arakkal Museum
  17. Payyambalam Beach
  18. Kanjirakkolli Waterfalls