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Guruvayoor Temple

District: Thrissur

Location: Guruvayur

State: Kerala, India

Affiliation: Hinduism

Architectural style: Architecture of Kerala

Deity: Vishnu known as Guruvayurappan

Temple Timings:  Open 03:00 - 12:30 hrs & 16:30 - 21:15 hrs

Festivals: Janmashtami, Kumbham Utsavam and Ekadasi

Creator: As per tradition, Vishwakarma Brihaspati and Vayu

Completed: Believed to be around 5000 years old

Address: Guruvayur Devaswom, East Nada, Guruvayur, Kerala 680101

Information on Guruvayoor Temple

Guruvayoorappan, is located twenty nine kilometers north west to the social funding of the God's own country of Kerala. This slight coast strip of come down on the south western side of Indian subcontinent is among the top ten paradises in the world, lot of things to explore there including of backwater, wildlife, nature, scenic beauty, houseboat, religious places are breath taking.

Tips for Visiting Guruvayoor Temple

  1. Only Hindus are allowed to visit this holy place.
  2. See to it you eliminate your footwear outside the holy place and also cover your head.
  3. You must use a standard gown just. Male needs to not put on the t shirt inside the temple. Men ought to remain in dhoti and towel and also ladies should wear saree or salwar kameez.
  4. Hold your horses as in some cases it might take 5 to 6 hours to check out the inner part of the holy place.
  5. Mobiles, electronic camera and also various other digital tools are not enabled inside the holy place.
  6. Facility to keep your footwear safely is readily available right outside the temple. They also keep your digital devices securely in storage lockers.
  7. No leather product is enabled.
  8. Food and beverages from outdoors are not allowed inside the holy place.


The design and framework of the temple offers the hints of common Kerala temple style. The holy place is believed to have actually been designed by the magnificent designer, Vishwakarma. The holy place is put up as if Sun God (Surya) himself admires Vishnu on Vishu day. At this time, the very first rays of Sunlight come down directly at the feet of Vishnu. The main doorway to the temple is from the eastern side. Kind the main entrance; one can observe the idol of the Lord.

Dress code to enter inside Temple

There is no constraint for Ladies but gents are not allowed to go into with Paint. You need to wear Mundu comparable to Dhoti or typical Lungi. Guys are not enabled to cover your chest so while entering you have to eliminate your shirt or coat and also can maintain them on your shoulder.

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