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Ashtamudi Tourism

Area: 61.42 km²

Length: 15 km

Location: Kollam District, Kerala

Recommended Duration: 1 Day

Nearest Railway Station: Kollam Junction

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport

Famous for: Lake and Backwater

Tour to Ashtamudi

If you planning tour to Ashtamudi, Kerala? Here is information about Ashtamudi tourism and travel guide to help you plan your trip to Ashtamudi, Kerala.

Ashtamudi  one of the most popular tourist destinations and its famous for Ashtamudi Lake or the 'Portal to Kerala Backwaters' is a much desired vacationer attraction in Kerala. Magnificent it’s charming in Kollam, this breathtaking lake is a cult amongst all the backwater tourist places in Kerala. It is in fact, the highest possible seen or demanded bayou destination in the entire of Kerala.

A Travel Guide to Ashtamudi

Ashtamudi is an area for every person. It has actually influenced poets, kings, photographers as well as greens for ages. It is an entrance to the tranquility and also diverse backwater of god own country Kerala. It is a historic area where individuals maintain and appreciate their heritage. Backwater resorts and houseboat offers an ideal way to relax for tourists. However throughout recent times lake has experienced a lot because of contamination and also inanimate abstraction. Consequently efforts are in full swing to keep the honesty and also diversity of the environment. Ramsar convention is one such effort. With continued initiative and also individuals sustain Asthamudi Lake would remain to be a place of entertainment and also motivation.

Reasons to Visit Ashtamudi

  1. Ashtamudi is an 8 cornered lake near Kollam famous for its lake as well as backwater tour.
  2. Ashtamudi Lake is (55 kilometers) long and is split right into 8 cornered.
  3. Ashtamudi arms merge into a single outlet at Neendakara near Kollam, to go into the Arabian Sea.
  4. Overnight houseboats from regional area promo counsel boats provide Alleppey like houseboat experience.
  5. Alleppey getting congested and waters obtaining polluted, Ashtamudi deals a much less elaborate as well as considerable but much more cut off bayou experience.
  6. There are number of hotels on the Ashtamudi lakefront providing a Kumarakom/ Alleppey like combined experience. For guests getting here as well as leaving at Trivandrum
Ashtamudi Lake Tips and Recommendations

Near the Ashtamudi Lake you can spend a great time on purchasing as this location is recognized for its cashew as well as coir markets. There are numerous cashew manufacturing facilities lie in the nearby towns of Kollam. You need to not miss to get high quality cashew nuts as they are rather less costly.

The Ashtamudi Lake as well as various other water bodies aside have been a terrific resource of coir industry as they are the source of the flourishing palm trees so it is really obvious that you will certainly obtain a big market of coir items of the district. So you can obtain different coir items in this area as well as additionally numerous coir handicrafts as well.

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