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Smith Island

Information about Smith Island Andaman

Ideal For: Group, Couple, Family

Timings: 6 AM to 2 PM (open every day except Sundays)

Entry Fee: Rs. 50 for Indians, Rs. 25 for Child & Rs. 500 for Foreigners with prior permission from the Forest Office

Location: Diglipur, North Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Distance from Port Blair: Approximated 329 KM.

Located at: North Andaman

Transportation Options: By Vehicle or By Government ferry

Major Nearby Attraction: Ross Island / Saddle Peak / Kalipur Beach / Ramnagar Beach

Activities: Swimming / Bird Watching / Tracking at Saddle Peak / Photography

About Smith Island Andaman

Smith Island, one of the famous islands in Andaman, is connected to Ross Islands by an imposing fifty-meter long sand bar. It is definitely breathtaking to walk on this sand bar traveling from one island to the other island. The perfect word to describe the beauty of this area would be 'surreal.' The Island is an excellent location for Island Camping and is the best match to enjoy in the village life in seclusion. The Island is attracted due to its clean and unspoiled seaside and also the magnificent sightseeing facilities. The lusting environment-friendly coconut palms grow meticulously in rows on the seashore adds the beauty of this Island.

This island also houses a small village of around 60 families. Smith Island is bigger in size as well as populated with a couple of Towns. From Aerial bay, there are two public ferries in a day from Aerial bay for the locals of these villages but these villages are deep inside the thick forest as well as far from tourists area. The waters on the island play tricks on the traveler sporting various shades of blue and green that changes with the tide and the sun. If you are traveling to the island throughout an offseason, chances are you would get to adore the picturesque beauty of this place all by yourself, without any human disturbance. There are also nature tracks available in the exotic forests surrounding these islands. And if lucky, you may also spot some underwater creatures on your journey.

Best Time to Visit Smith Island in Andaman

A popular traveler's destination of Andaman, and Nicobar islands, one should go on a holiday to Smith Island between May and October. Throughout this time of the year, the temperature varies between 23 ° C, as well as 31 ° C.

How to Reach Smith Island

This island can be visited from Diglipur, but there is no public boats are available here. A fisherman's boat (dongie) or a speed boat can be hired as well as the ride would take about 25 mins from the Ariel Bay Jetty in Diglipur. Even while traveling directly from Port Blair, one will have to first stop at Diglipur and then hire a dongie to the islands.

FAQ's of Smith Island in Andaman

Q1. Where to Stay in Smith Island?

Ans. Smith Island has small huts along the beach where you can take rest. Eco rests houses are also available for overnight stay. Changing rooms and also showers are available for use free of cost. You need to bring your own lunch because there is no option of a restaurant or hotel on Smith Island.

Q2. What Sightseeing and Activities Available in Smith Island?

Ans. There is a marine sanctuary on the island, which makes it a dreamland for spotting beautiful coral reefs, colorful species from the underwater. These islands are colorful species to the Olive Ridley Turtles one can also witness the turtle nesting.

Q3. Smith Island is Safe for Swimming and Snorkeling?

Ans. Yes, Turquoise blue water around this island is the best site for swimming and snorkeling. (No snorkeling equipment is available on the island, so carry your masks, flippers, snorkels as well as a towel with you.) The beach is surrounded by tropical forest as well as is a preferred location for traveling.

Q4. It's that True Smith Island and Ross Island Both are Different?

Ans. Yes, Ross and Smith are the two remote islands situated far away from the busy main town, and also are connected to each other by a thin strip of the sandbar. These beautiful twin islands look like two various islands during the night when a high trend takes control of. You can take a tour of both the islands by traveling through the sandbar a short ten-minute walk.

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