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North Bay Island

Information about North Bay

Famous For: Adventure Seekers, Nature Lovers, Fun Lovers, and Experience Seekers

Entrance Fee: Entry free because there is a small entrance fee to visit the islands. To enjoy some of the water activities you will need to lighten your pockets.

Video Camera: No Charge Still Camera: No Charge.

Round Trip around Corals and a Round of Snorkeling: Rs 650 per head

Sea Walking: (40 minutes) Rs. 2700 per head

Banana Ride: Rs. 250 per head

Speed Boat Ride: Rs. 250 per head

Glass Bottom View: Rs. 300 per head

Jet Ski Ride: Rs. 350 per head

Visiting Time: 08:00 – 03:00 hours

Visit Duration: Almost half a day.

About North Bay Island

At a distance of 28 kilometers by ferry from Port Blair, North Bay Island is an island lies north of Port Blair in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. This island is famous for its beaches and mainly for water sporting activities. This island is also one of the most visited areas in the Andaman Islands. North Bay Island is also known as Coral Island, North Bay Island is a beautiful beach island. The beach is easily accessible through ferryboat, from Port Blair. It is known for coral reefs underwater treasures. There are vibrant corals reefs, colorful fishes and also a variety of greenery. This is a dreamland for snorkeling and also scuba diving. The white sandy beach and also peaceful atmosphere are the actual charmers. North Bay Island is a bit congested as it is nearby to Port Blair as well as offer wonderful experiences to the tourists. The corals are spread over a big location and also hence look sensational. You can identify clams, lobsters and also a number of fishes.

North Bay Island is a wonderful place to go for a day trip. The wide variety of water activities offered at the island attracts a lot more tourists to this beautiful place. Along with snorkeling and scuba diving, various other activities at North Bay Island are sea walking, jet skiing, and speed boat rides. Just relax about in the sand, take a leisure walk as well as soak-in the peacefulness. Not even a single minute right here is boring for the visitors.

One can also hike to see the Lighthouse in the North Bay Island. The beach is home to the lighthouse which includes on the opposite of the Rs. 20 Indian currency note. The lighthouse benefits anybody who braves the hard go up with a magnificent view of the neighboring islands of Ross Island and also Port Blair & skyline in the area of wonderfully sparkling water. However, sometimes the lighthouse is closed for outdoors tourists. A visit to North Bay Island can consume about half of your day. It is advisable to carry something to bite on, though snacks (a couple of ordinary Chinese recipes, and also pakodas), as well as drinks (tea as well as coffee), are available on the beach.

Things to Do On North Bay Island

Scuba Diving: If your age and health & fitness allow you after that scuba diving is among the most thrilling experiences of the world. The off-season and also on-season prices vary from Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per head (for 1 dive). The rate includes tools rent expense as well as certification from Specialist Organization of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Snorkeling: Snorkeling is among the most practical and rewarding ways to explore undersea life. Age and also fitness is no bar to it. The off-season as well as on season prices differ from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride: In case you wish to observe the corals and also marine life without going into the water, after that you can give a try glass bottom boat ride. The rates differ from Rs 300 per head to Rs 600 per head boat offseason and on the season, respectively.

Under Sea Walk: It is a superficial water activity to experience the undersea world from close quarters. One round of sea walks prices around Rs 3500.

How to Reach North Bay Island from Port Blair

You can reach North Bay Island from Port Blair via ferryboat. The ferries leave from Marina Park Jetty as well as take about an hour to reach the island. The ferries leave by 9:30 am in the early morning and return by 3 pm in the afternoon. The primary ferry is not permitted to go near to the coast as they may harm the corals. Hence, guests are transferred to smaller water boats as well as taken to the island. The ferryboat service depends upon the weather as well as if the weather conditions are harsh, the services are temporarily suspended. The island is closed on Wednesday.

Best Time to Visit North Bay Island in Andaman

The islands are typically an all-weather location. But it is better to see them in between October and June. This is an excellent time to enjoy all the fun activities like water rides, beach walking, bird watching as well as sightseeing.

FAQ’s of North Bay Island

Q1. Is North Bay Island a coral island?

Ans. Yes, North Bay Island is a coral island located in the north side of Port Blair. This island offers several exciting water sporting activities such as snorkeling, speedboat rides, scuba diving, and sea walking. By trying these activities, one can reach see the vibrant corals, rich vegetation, and colorful fishes of this location.

Q2. What should I carry while going to North Bay Island?

Ans. From a good camera, standard identity proofs, and needed medicines to loosened suitable clothes as well as cash amount, there are a number of things which have to be carried on the North Bay Island journey. You have to also carry skin protective sunscreen creams along with you.

Q3. Is there any accommodation available in North Bay Island?

Ans. From hotels and resorts to guesthouses, there are numerous accommodations available in the North Bay Island as well as you can select a hotel that suits your budget plan. However, given that North Bay Island sees a huge increase of travelers throughout the year, it is recommended to book your room in advance.

Q4. Exactly how far is North Bay Island situated from Port Blair?

Ans. North Bay Island is situated at a distance of 42 km from Port Blair. This distance can be covered in around 1.5 hours via a water boat ride. On your way from Port Blair to North Bay Island, you will also get to visit the impressive Ross Island.

Q5. At what time I can experience Scuba Diving at North Bay Island?

Ans. The time to report for scuba diving at the North Bay Island is around 8:00 AM and when you reach there, you are allotted the time slot. The scuba diving will continue for half an hour and with some preliminary training, it will take around 2 hours.