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Kalapathar Beach is a small but charming beach in Havelock Island. The beach gets its name from the bordering town, which is Kalapathar Village and also the black rocks that embellish the beach here. Kalapathar Beach is a gorgeous beach providing a spectacular view of the Bay of Bengal and also a long stretch of white sand with big rocks of black stone on the beach and also underwater. This stunning beach has golden sand beds and blue-green blue water. The beach is little but the way to the beach is excellent. You will be thrilled by the sensational breathtaking beauty of the beach. The black rocks that lie along the seasides make a bright contrast with the silver sand. Green dense forests border the beach from all sides.

Kalapathar Beach Andaman

The water is deep enough to swim and it is not affected by tides. There are some rocks and also corals reefs so do take care while entering into the water. One can get the thrilling views of the sunset at this beach. The beach can get a bit crowded in high season, but if you stroll better to the south you'll find yourself completely alone. You will fill the amazing breeze tingling through your hair. There is a little lodging path with the eco-friendly forest, where as soon as was an elephant training school, but nowadays all you'll locate is a secluded beach. As the beach is not so crowded, pairs can enjoy a romantic walk, as well as families, can spend some relaxing moments.

Kalapathar offers a couple of umbrellas and also wood chairs. There is also a tiny picnic area with garbage can set in the color of the trees. In season locals market sell fresh coconuts and mango juices, but there is nothing else facilities. You can bring a hammock and bind it with a tree. Relaxing in the hammock as well as seeing the sensational beach sights is a great entertainment activity. The coconut groves along the beach boardwalk provide a spectacular sight. The wonderful beauty will get the attention of your eyes. For those of you who want to leave the world behind as well as set out on a trip of self-discovery, Kala Pathar will feel like nothing except home.

How to Reach Kalapathar Beach

Kala Pathar beach is only 10 km from Havelock Island; one can reach to Kalapathar by hiring with a vehicle or bicycle from Havelock Jetty. It takes around 30 minutes to reach to Kalapathar Beach.

Best Time to Visit Kalapathar Beach in Havelock

Avoid monsoons and also try to arrange your trip below in springtime, i.e. October to May months which are the picturesque ones to soak in the impressive feelings of Kalapathar Beach and also relax at your journey here.

Things to Do in Kala Pathar Beach

Relax on the beach - There is not much to do at Kala Patthar, except enjoy the serene high quality of the area and striking views that surround this Island. Just set up a hammock near the beach, get hold of a book and a cocktail, as well as enjoy the days roll by. It is the perfect place to away from the humdrum of city life and also takes pleasure in some much-needed solitude.

Sunbathing - The peaceful setting, as well as virgin environments, are excellent for soaking in the golden sunshine.

Photography - Ensure you take a video camera with you because this area is charming, offering an all-natural contrast of the black boulders against a white sandy beach which makes it the best area in Andaman and Nicobar Islands for photography.

FAQ's of Kalapathar Beach

Q1. Safety Tip before Checking Out Kala Pathar Beach?

Ans. First aid - also carry some basic medicines because there is no medical facility nearby. Swimming is not a safe choice here as dead coral reefs are often cited here at the beach.

Q2. Which Places to eat in and Stay in Kala Patthar Beach?

Ans. Although Kalapathar Beach is totally at pure privacy, you will discover many resorts/hotels and restaurants around Havelock where you can buy some snacks and drinks ahead of time. Some of them are listed are below:

  • Full Moon Coffee Shop
  • Annapurna Restaurant
  • Bonava Coffee Shop and also Bar
  • Symphony Palms Beach Resort
  • Munjoh Ocean
  • Seashell

Q3. Mobile Connectivity in Kala Pathar Beach?

Ans. Mobile connection is not excellent in a lot of parts of Havelock Island, including Kala Pathar beach. This is because of the remoteness of the Islands as well as the absence of mobile towers. You can get a satellite connection if you so wish, but it will most likely cost you a lot of money.