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Baratang Island

Area: 242.6 km²

Population: 5691 (2011) census 2011, only villages on Baratang

District‎: ‎North and Middle Andaman

Length‎: ‎27.8 km (17.27 mi)

Location: Bay of Bengal

Largest Settlement: Nilambur (pop. 1600)

Currency: Rupees - INR

Language: Hindi, English, Tamilian

Famous for: Beach, Nature

Unattainable to several tourists and also many people of the Andaman Islands, Baratang as soon as utilized to be one of most feared destination. Strikes by the native Jarawa Tribes were common allowing nobody to ponder around there area. The Jarawa People Book, today stands as a reserve for the Jarawa Tribes participants. The Efforts by Government to assist the native tribes as well as to get count on.

Baratang Island Travel Guide

Baratang Island one hundred kilometers by road from Port Blair is in between South and also Middle Andaman as well as prominent for mangrove creeks, mud volcanoes and also limestone caverns. The most popular tourist attraction of the trip to the island through lavish green rain forest on Andaman Trunk Road and also going across water channel where boats carry vehicles. The boat trip to the Limestone caves pass through splendid narrow Mangrove creeks.

Baratang Island tour is advances the exotic side of the Andaman Islands. The beautiful forest, tribes, mangroves, beaches, birds and most popular caverns. Well, Baratang has every one of these to supply. Obtain a journey to this island and come to be a part of the tropical side of the Andaman Islands.

Dos and Don’ts

Trip to Baratang Island is not an easy, you go by a tribal area that is secured by the federal government. Below are few dos as well as do n'ts to adhere to while seeing Baratang islands:

  1. The vehicles have to leave in convoys. Do not miss out on the convoy timing or there are opportunities that you might be stuck.
  2. Supplying food things to tribal people is purely prohibited, as it is fatal to their wellness.
  3. Interacting or taking pictures of the people is strictly forbidden.
  4. Carry sunscreen cream as well as mosquito replant lotions.
  5. Wear something in cotton and also freely fit as the climate is moist and also you might have to climb up or down huge staircases.
  6. Wear great walking footwear as it entails a great quantity of walking around the island.
  7. Bring an umbrella with you.
  8. There are bathrooms with all facilities at Jirkatang check message.

Tips for travelers

  1. Please lug a sumptuous quantity of sun block, sun hat, as well as sunglasses.
  2. Ensure you have a decent set of sporting activities footwear as there is a lot of walking included.
  3. Please bring your own snacks as well as water.
  4. If you're not up for journey and look forward to simply relaxing around the beach, after that this isn't your place to discover.
  5. Please contact Swan Tours and also make necessary arrangements if you are travelling with children or the senior.
Sightseeing in Baratang
  • Baratang is an excellent location for nature enthusiasts as it provides stunning natural views and diverse wildlife landscapes.
  • The remarkable Sedimentary rock Caves are one of a kind with its extravagant stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations.
  • Parrot Island is another fine attraction worth your attention if you like bird seeing. Thousands of colorful parrots can be discovered (and listened to) going back to their nests in the evening time, with an ideal history as the sunlight establishes behind the island.
  • The least attractive, but a renowned sight nevertheless, is the Mud Volcano, the just known kind in India. It is nothing but a tiny bubbling pool of mud. Though lots of discover it a wild-goose chase, some admire the science and wonders of nature when you go there.

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