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Pilgrimage Sites in Rajasthan

India as a country is known to respect travellers and also as the knowledgeable in the Sanskrit language says, Indians have planted the phrase "Athithi devo bhava" deep in their hearts. The tradition of helping travellers in the minutest way comes from the historic times since when India was known for its scenic beauty and its resource wealth.

About Pilgrimage Sites in Rajasthan  

The western state of Rajasthan in the Indian subcontinent is very well known for its sands that introduce the Thar Desert, the palaces aging over centuries as well as the forts that secured the kings as well as queens of the region from invasions throughout the boundary as well as from neighboring rulers. However little is known about the temples buried deep in the insides of the sandy area and we are mosting likely to inform you concerning a few of the places recognized among pilgrims right here.

In some parts of Rajasthan like Kota, Bundi, Pushkar, Alwar, Bikaner, Dungarpur, Hindu practices and culture has remained to evolve, and also its ideologies are embraced by the people. Prayer of Shiva, Rama, Krishna and Shakti are pre-eminent amongst the various other Hindu deities that are worshiped here. For Jains, the sprawling holy place facility of Ranakpur as well as Dilwara Jain temple are thought to be very holy as well as drawing in lots of site visitors from all the corners of the world. Rajasthan also has many dargahs and also mosques as well.

Some of the Great Pilgrimage Destinations In Rajasthan

1. Brahma Temple, Pushkar Rajasthan -

2. Ajmer Dargah Sharif

3. Mount Abu Dilwara Jain Temple

4. Eklingji Temple Udaipur

5. Brahma Temple, Pushkar

6. Jain Temple, Ranakpur

7. Dargah Sharif, Ajmer

8. Dilwara Temples, Mt Abu

9. Karni Mata Temple, Deshnok

10. Ek lingji Temple, Udaipur