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Yak Safari in Sikkim

Yak safari in Sikkim is truly a safari experience with a difference where you get a chance to ride colorfully adorned Yaks, wearing on woolen knits over their horns, as well as bells around their neck. This animal supplies you a trip around Tsomgo Lake near Sikkim while it strolls on rugged trails and you treat your eyes to the scenic beauty.

Yak Safari in Sikkim, North East India

Dzongri and Tsomgo Lake are the popular areas where Yak riding in Sikkim is popular in the middle of travelers. Yaks tamed animals in Sikkim but from the previous few years, they use unforgettable safari experiences. People of all age-group, from children to an old person, all can enjoy this activity.

Yaks are generally found on high altitudes of around 9000 feet but during the winter season, they are brought to someplace around 7000 feet. In the Himalayan region, they are also a method of carrying products. Do not forget to click a picture while atop the Yak.

Best Places to Enjoy Yak Safari in Sikkim

1. Tsomgo Lake: Situated at an altitude of 12,400 feet, it is a gorgeous lake surrounded by snow-covered hill tops.

How to begin the Yak Safari from here

Take a vehicle to reach the Tsomgo Lake. You will find there are various beautifully decorated yaks which are standing in a line.

Areas covered in the Yak Safari

It will depend on the route you pick! We highly recommend you to head towards Kemthang, where you'll feel like a royal riding atop the Yak along the snow-covered trails.

The length of time wills certainly the Yak Safari last

It depends on the route you choose which can be more than two days.

2. Dzongri Lake: Surrounded by mesmerizing hills and perched at an elevation of 13,800 feet, this lake is something which strikes your mind by its charm.

How to begin the Yak Safari from here

A 2 Yak Safari can be set up while trekking from Yuksom, situated at 5800 feet to Dzongri.

How much time will certainly the Yak Safari last

It depends on the course you pick which can be more than two days.

Yak Ride’s Cost!!

  • At Dzongri Lake-
  • Yak Ride: INR 300 per head
  • Yak Photos: INR 50

At Tsomgo Lake-

  • Yak Ride: INR 450 per head
  • Yak Ride Up to Kemthang: INR 250
  • Yak Photos: INR 20