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Kerala Wildlife 

Kerala is blessed with 16 wildlife sanctuaries and five national parks that are located in the Western Ghats with rich species of both fauna and flora spread across the forests. Some of the species that you can count on your visit to some of the wildlife reserves are wild boars, otters, exotic birds, herds of elephants, sambar deer and so on.

Some most-visited wildlife reserves

1. Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across a distance of 777 sq. km with the unique natural landscape, wildlife safaris, artificial lakes and also a mind-blowing bevy of species amidst the beautiful moderate climate.

2. Gavi Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife body in Pathanamthitta was built as an eco-tourism project of an evergreen forest with a large number of species like the Lion Tailed Macaque and Nilgiri Marten in fauna and Podocarpus Wallichinia in flora. It is also home to 320 bird species that consist of the Great Indian Hornbill sunbird, woodpecker and more.

3. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary: Wayanad is itself a very soothing place with elephants, Tigers, deer and wild boars as the prior inhabitants amidst the moist deciduous and west coast semi-evergreen forests. If you want to count on lush green atmospheres, then Wayanad reserve is the place. Book kerala travel packages with Swan Tours at best price.