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Kerala has been a wonderful state that does not hold qualities in just one arena, but many. One of the most unique cultural foundations of the place is Ayurveda retreats that has been practiced since generations right from ancient times.

Kerala Ayurveda

The real factors that make Kerala suitable for Ayurveda are, its lush green surroundings, fresh breeze, budget-friendly as well as expensive resorts, along with the beaches, rich wildlife, and backwaters that seem to attract tourists. If you pick any of the Kerala Tour Packages, at Swan Tours, you will definitely catch the following treatments mentioned below. 

Some of the best Ayurveda Resorts in Kerala include:

Somatheeram: This is the first-ever Ayurvedic resorts that were built in the year 1997 that offer treatments pertaining to meditation and yoga sessions with unique retreat plans pertaining to the physical, spiritual, mental health as well as medical history.

Perumbayil Ayurveda Mana: This resort is located in Perumbayil who is an ancient and elite family who have been associated with Ayurveda for several destinations dealing in major medical issues, and the diagnosis or therapy for several ailments like arthritis, post-chemo and cancer care, psoriasis and much more.

Shin Shiva Ayurvedic Resort: This can be derived as one of the most budget-friendly Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala that offers professional ambiance as well as breath-taking views with a refreshing atmosphere. It specializes in treating ailments like insomnia, asthma, psoriasis, spondylosis, gastric problems, skin problems, migraines, muscular atrophy.

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