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Fishing in Bhutan

If you are in Bhutan, then fishing is a must-try activity that you must go through. The place is fishing friendly for the rivers in Bhutan are full of a plethora of fish namely, snow trout, brown trout and also the golden masheers in the southern regions of the country.

Bhutan Fishing

The best season that is favorable for fishing is the months from April to May and again from October and November. Winter is not favorable for the ones going for fishing because the fish stay deep in waters for the waters go wild during the cold season. What all you need is just the best challenging mood, patience and also a fishing gear. There are certain things that you must keep in mind as regulations like, you can not practice fishing on important religious days, or also during the first and fourth months of the Bhutanese religious lunar calendar and it is also prohibited that the ones practicing fishing using natural bait.

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Haa chhu (Haa) - This place in Bhutan is a spectacular location amidst the natural significance in Western Bhutan. Haa chhu rivers is a fast alpine river elevated at an altitude of 2700 m and the best time that you must choose to engage in fishing is during the months of April and May or September. The most common fish that you will witness is the brown trout that you find in plenty!

Sankosh (Tsirang) - Puna Tsang Chu is another term for the Sankosh river that is located in the southern district during the months fro February to March and from October to November. ou could come across the golden masheers amidst the temperate waters located in the southern tropical valleys and amazing surrounding suitable for camping as well.

Mangde chhu (Zhemgang) - The Mangde chhu (Zhemgang) flows through Trongsa and Zhemgang districts is another exotic place where you can practice fishing to catch the golden masheers and you can make your presence at Tingtibi for a stay.

Manas chhu and Drangme chhu (Zhemgang) - Another amazing site where you can count on a large number of fish species along with rafting on the Drangme chhu river from Nganglam town till Manas. You can now enjoy some lovely time in the dense jungle where the tropical river flows merrily!

Tang chhu and Chummey chhu (Bumthang) - Bumthang is a pleasant alpine valley that brings you the opportunity to catch snow trout in the fast mountain rivers where the size of the fish is great and tasty at the same time. You cannot undergo fishing in the Chamkhar chhu river for its holy and fishing is prohibited there!

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