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Fishing in Bhutan

Fishing in Bhutan

Bhutan has 109 species of fish of which 41 species of fish are indigenous and some endemic to Bhutan. Some species like the golden mahaseer is declared endangered. Excellent conservation initiative is underway in Bhutan as well as several of the breeding tributaries of the manas river are shielded by the Division of forest of Bhutan. We have few gold mahaseer breeding centers with fully grown mahaseer and also they are being nurtured to breed.

From big rivers to small streams, there are a number of fishing spots in Bhutan. However, you need to seek a permit to catch fishes in Bhutan. Moreover, there are a few law enactments for fishing that you require to know. For instance, the fishing is permitted only on catch and launch basis.

Place: Paro Valley, Trongsa Region, Thimphu Valley, Lhuentse Region as well as Bumthang Valleys are the places where fishing is allowed.

Best Fishing Time in Bhutan

The fishing authorization can be obtained for the tourist throughout the year on 'CATCH AND RELEASE' basis other than in the month of breeding i.e., December, January, and February. Primetime for fishing is during March, April, and May. September, October, and November is a favorable time for fishing bigger fishes.

Fishing Guidelines As Well As Some Facts about Fishing in Bhutan:

  1. 1st and 4th Bhutanese calendar months usually fall in Jan/Feb are taken into consideration holy month.
  2. Fishing is prohibited within a kilometer of a Monastery, a Lhakhang, a Dzong or any type of religious center, including bridges and including important government institutions. The fishing period is 'closed' for the months of October to December every year.
  3. Fishing is banned on auspicious days of the 8th, 15th and also 30th day of every Bhutanese month, and also on the 4th day of the sixth month. Sale of meat would additionally be banned on the coming down day of Lord Buddha.
  4. Fishing is prohibited in the breeding season covering the month of October to December.
  5. Fishing is allowed just with pole and also reel (spinning and fly).