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Kataragama Festival

The Sri Lanka Kataragama Perahera or festival is an annual event that happens in July/August in Kataragama, in the Southern part of Sri Lanka and also contends around 2 weeks and is dedicated to the Hindu God of war & wisdom God Skanda known to Sri Lankans as Kataragama Deviyo.

Festival in Kataragama

The Sri Lanka Kataragama Perahera or celebration is a procession of elephants etc like in any type of Perahera in Sri Lanka starts with the Temple of Kataragama, Sri Lanka past the temples places of various other Gods to the holy palace of the aboriginal jungle siren Valli Amman. Fans (Sri Lankans and travelers) of all faiths join in the festivities consisting of the indigenous Veddahs of Sri Lanka. They cleanse themselves in the Menik River, Kataragama, Sri Lanka as well as make their offering to the temple. Some Sri Lankans execute unbearable acts such as turning on hooks pierced to their skin, some roll hardly clad on cozy sands near the sanctuary as well as likewise some Sri Lankans walk on red- hot cinders. Kavadi Dance is the dancing of the peacock, the vehicle of God Skanda. The prop made use of for the Kavadi Dancing is a 2 item curved structure attached to a cross pole in addition to can evaluate as much as 30 kgs. This is done to demonstrate the supporters' (Sri Lankans') gratefulness in return for swears made or favours looked for.

We can tailor-make programs to Sri Lanka according to your requirements to consist the Kataragama Perahera or Festival together with numerous other views like Society, Nature, Wild Animals, Archaeology, Beach keep as well as also a video game of golf if interested. The season for the coastlines in Sri Lanka in July/August gets on the Eastern coastline of Sri Lanka like Nilaveli, Trincomallee, Passikudah, Arugam Bay to point out a couple of. Nonetheless the coastlines on the Western Coastline of Sri Lanka like Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Bentota, and Ahungalla to mention a few are likewise enjoyable currently of the year.

What you can witness in the Kataragama Perahera:

Whip Crackers: They have several purposes. Male ceremony the streets fracturing their whips; their first objective is to remove the roads for the main Procession to pass with no disruption. The second feature is to signify the sightseers of the arrival of the primary Perahera. It is regularly told that holy beings below the fracturing of the whips as well as it functions as an invitation for them to view the procession. They are adhered to by a collection of young along with old fans bring trays of Flowers.

Elephants: Tuskers are also Elephants are dressed in lovely vibrant clothes; these majestic animals look likewise mightier being embellished with precious jewelry and beaming colors. Normally, their costumes have 3 components: the "Netti Malaand" which is the temple garland, the "Kan Joduwa" which is the ear accessory and also the body component. The most perfectly embellished is the Main Majestic Tusker who carries the sacred antiques. He is considered as the emphasize of the whole Perahera.

Hewisi Drummers: The most vital team of the whole procession. The Hewisi Drummers have drummers who play Sri Lankan Drums. The "Daula", the "Thammettama" and also the trumpet "Horanewa" are the drums utilized on this celebration. The reason the Drummers are thought about one of the most crucial team is that they provide the rhythm to which the other performers do.

Dancers: There are three types of dancers that relocate with the Procession. At first comes the "Vannam" professional dancers. They concentrate on vocal singing Vannams, which are verses, sung to give their performance lyrical songs. Following comes the "Ves Natuma" professional dancers. These professional dancers have to a lengthy laborious training in order to best this dance. It is a style of dance which stems from funding city of Sri Lanka, Kandy. This dance needs the professional dancers to put on a stunning headdress, this headdress is the reason it takes years to suitable this dancing as an outcome of its weight in addition to dimension. Inevitably comes The Pantheru Dancers. These professional dancers have a small music tool called "Pantheru" which they utilize while dance.

Borukakul Karayo: These performers concentrate on strolling on stilts. They walk over the teams on 2 extensive items of hardwood as well as likewise leer as well as also sneer at the spectators for their enjoyment.