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Umananda Island

Umananda - The Island of Happiness

Northeast India is recognized for its attractive charm, endowed with rich natural resources as well as the state of Assam of late has become an area of historic and spiritual significance as well as amalgamation of various ethno-cultural teams, it has a long list to offer its visitors. The area additionally boasts a rich cultural heritage that attracts in visitors from all across the globe.

About Umananda Island

At the heart of the Mighty Brahmaputra River lies Umananda Island, the smallest inhabited river island in the midst of river Brahmaputra moving with the city of Guwahati in Assam, a state in northeast India. Umananda, additionally known as the Peacock Island, the british called the island Peacock Island for its shape.

The river island of Umananda is famous for its Shiva temple. As it lies in the center of the Brahmaputra River, people have to take a ferryboat from the Umananda Ghat or Kacheri Ghat on the mainland to get to the temple. Umananda Island is located near Guwahati, the biggest city in Assam.

There is no dearth of reasons that make Umananda special but none is, maybe, as substantial as its exceptional capability to sustain among the most decreasing in numbers species of primate -- the golden langurs. Long considered sacred by numerous Himalayan people, the golden langurs are found only in parts of Western Assam and the neighboring foothills of the Black mountains of Bhutan. Popular mythology is that two young people left a pair of these langurs right here some 35 years earlier and they have actually survived. The species, otherwise hostile, has actually adapted to people specifically the visitors who constant the island. Their number increased to 13 at one point of time but only 5 stay now.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva produced the island for his other half Parvati's joy as well as satisfaction. Shiva is stated to have actually lived here in the kind of Bhayananda. According to a myth in Kalika Purana, Shiva burnt Kamadeva with his third eye on Umananda when he interrupted Shiva's deep reflection, thus its different name Bhasmachal (Assamese: bhasma, "ash"; and achal, "hill"; actually, "hill of ashes"). This hill is also called Bhasmakuta. The Kalika Purana states that Urvasikunda is positioned right here and here stays the siren Urvasi that brings Amrit (nectar) for the pleasure of Kamakhya as well as hence the island obtained the name Urvasi Island

How to Reach Umananda Island

To get to the small island, one needs to take ferryboat services. It is a 10 - 15 mins boat ride to the peacock island. One can hire a ferryboat from fancy bazar ghat or sukleshwar ghat.

By Air: Local airport terminal is at Guwahati. One can get flight of Guwahati as well as from below, catch a ferryboat to reach to the island.

By Rail: The nearby well connected train terminal is at Guwahati.

By Road: Hire a taxi or take a bus to reach to Kachari Ghat and also from there, you can obtain ferries to the Island.

Best Time to Visit Umananda Island

If you are interested in offering prayers and delight in the festive spirit, the most effective time to visit will be throughout the Shiva Chaturdashi. Summer season is typically quite hot as well as moist, and also monsoon can be extreme as well. Winter is a good time to visit the location.

Famous Festivals in Umananda Island

Maha Shivaratri is one of the most renowned hindu festival celebrated in Umananda. Monday is considered to be the holiest day in the holy place and the new moon brings bliss to the explorers. Monday is thought about to be the holiest day in the holy place.