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Umananda Island is known to be the smallest river island in the world that is situated on the heart of the mighty river Brahmaputra. The environs that you come across along with the beautiful greenery makes it the Peacock Island that was named by the British Colonists because of its shape. It is a co-habitat of both humans and also the species both fauna and flora like the Golden Langurs that are popular here.

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Visit Umananda Island

he major attraction of the island is the Umananda temple that is dedicated to the shrines of Lord Shiva that is visited by the devotees throughout the year. If you want to visit the Island then the best time for the same is during the months from October to May that is the winter and spring season. The climate during this time is the best, although you must avoid the monsoon times when there is a risk of facing a landslide. To reach the island, you may take any roadway means from the airport or station in Guwahati as it is near to the city center.