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Tawang Monastery

Tawang is a quaint town located on the corner of Arunachal Pradesh with Bhutan on its East, is a gorgeous location that was historically component of Tibet and also inhabited by Monpa peoples. Tawang is till date inhabited mostly by this tribe of people. One of the most important places of destination in this town is the Tawang Monastery.

Explore the Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang Monastery is the largest Buddhist monastery in India and the second largest world, making it the most important site of pilgrimage in India for Buddhists. Additionally known as Galden Namgey Lhatse which actually suggests 'holy paradise in a clear sky', the beautiful Monastery truly lives up its name.

History of Tawang Monastery

The majestic monastery was established in 1680-81 by Merek Lama Lodre Gyatso, obeying the commands of the fifth Dalai Lama. The Monastery had to be constructed as a fort, as a defensive structure.

This was because to the fact that it made use of to be controlled by the Nyingmapa sect (black hat) of Buddhism, and also the Drukpas of Bhutan tried to take control of this component of Tawang Up until the 1914, the monastery was regulated by Tibet, and also after signing a contract, it came under the control of British Raj.

How to Reach Tawang

By Air: Tezpur in Assam has the nearby airport, which is 365 km away. It is connected to Kolkata in West Bengal and also Guwahati in Assam.

By Rail: Guwahati is the convenient railhead, connecting it to Delhi and Mumbai by Rajdhani Express and various other trains.

By Road: State transport bus or personal bus and also jeep are the other options to get to Tawang by road.