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Nameri National Park

State: Assam

Area: 200 km²

Established: 1978

Entry Fee: For Indians - Rs. 20 per head / for Foreign Nationals - Rs. 250 per head

Number of Animal Species - 30 Species

Number of Birds Species – 315 Species

Number of Butterflies Species – 1501 Species

Location: 181 Kms from Guwahati 35 kms from Tezpur in Sonitpur district of Assam.

Best time to visit: November to May

Nearest Town: Tezpur (35 km)

Latitude: 26.30 0 N to 26.45 0 N

Longitude: 93.08 0 E to 93.36 0 E

Nameri National Park Tourism

Nameri national park lies in the foothills of the eastern Himalaya in the Sonitpur district of Assam, India. It is just one of the richest and also most endangered reservoirs of plant as well as animal life worldwide. Nameri national park is located on the banks of the river jia bhorali on the north side of the Brahmaputra. Deciduous forests with the river jia bhorali moving by its side, have actually added a unique charm to it. The park covers an area of 200 sq. Kilometres. As well as is boosted by parts of the balipara reserve forests location, which acts as a 64 sq. Kilometres. Buffer on the opposite side of the jia bharali and also 80 sq. Kilometres of the nauduar get forests. The surface is irregular with altitudes ranging from 80 meters along the river banks to 225 meters in the main and northern components.

History of Nameri National Park

Nameri national park came into existence in 1985 with a location of 137 sq. Kilometres. However, in 1998, the park was officially introduced as a national park, which is famous in the world for its unusual collection of 300 types of birds: four types of hornbills, an abundance of mainas, bee eaters, barbets, babblers, bulbuls, plovers, ibis, bills and also endangered white winged wood duck etc. It attracted the tourists from all parts of the world to check out the large range of animals as well as endangered types like sloth bear, tiger leopard, clouded leopard, sambar, gaur, indian wild dog, four varieties of hornbill and several other winged species. The park is also well-known for high density of elephant populace.

Factors to Why Visit Nameri National Park

  • Nameri national park, covering a location of about 200 sq. Km is located at the foothills of eastern Himalayas about 35 kms from tezpur, the nearest town.
  • The park is characterized by hills of deciduous forests and jia bhoroli River flowing through it.
  • Nameri is house to more than 300 species of birds: 4 species of hornbills, an abundance of mainas, bee eaters, babblers, barbets, bulbuls, etc.
  • Nameri also is home to rare and and also decreasing in numbers white winged wood duck. Over 50 of the total globe population of 700 of this species can be found at nameri national park.
  • Nameri is also home to Assam roof turtle, multicolored butterflies and insects like the lantern fly.
  • Jia bhoroli river of Assam is renowned for the mahseer angling, its home of the golden mahseer- the tiger of Indian rivers and a prized catch for any angler (subject to permit issued).
How to Reach There

By Road: Nameri National Park is well connected by the local and nationwide highways that connect it with all the major cities of Assam. However, regular buses ply to and also from Tezpur. In the Park: Inside the Nameri National Park, one can pass by boat, on elephant back or on foot (gone along with by a forest guard).

By Rail: Rangapara, 25 km south of Nameri National Park, is the nearest railway station. Rangapara connects to Guwahati. The most effective method to get to Nameri National forest by road is to catch a train to Dekargaon train terminal and then from there, a taxi & cab to the national forest. The range between the station and the park is 35 kilometers.

By Air: Nameri National Park is nearby to the Saloni about 10-km from Tezpur, in Sonitpur area, which is 181-km away from Guwahati. Domestic airlines such as Indian Airlines, etc. Connect Guwahati to all major Indian cities.

Best Season to Visit Nameri National Park

The best time of the year to go to the Nameri National Park is from November to March. The winter months are enjoyable throughout the day as well as the weather is typically completely dry, with the exception of the rains throughout October and also April. Assam can also obtain extremely cold as well as temperatures drop to single digits in December as well as April.

Park Timings and Opening Dates
  • Entry licenses are issued from 9 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm on Monday through Sunday.
  • Permits are needed for rafting and additionally for hiking on the wildlife route.
  • The Park remains open for the visitors from 1st November to 30th April.
  • The park remains closed June to September.
Safari Rides

Elephant safari: Elephant rides are offered from 1st November to 30th April. First ride is from 5.15 am to 6.15 am as well as Second ride is from 6.30 am to 7.30 am from November to April (unless demographics might be arranged).

Jeep safari: Jeep Safari offered from 1st November to 30th April and can be possible based on weather and roadway condition on the months of May & October. Jeep Safari is from 7.30 am to 9.30 am & 2pm to 3.30 pm.