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Kakochang Waterfall

Highlight of Kakochang Waterfall

Location: Golaghat, Naharjan Gaon, AS – 785615

State: Assam

Altitude: 116 m

Longitude: 94.2026° E

Latitude: 26.7465° N

Weather: 23 °C, Wind N at 5 km/h, 55% Humidity

Nearest Airport: Jorhat airport

Nearest Train Station: New Rangia and Furkating Railway station

Ideal Duration: 2 hours

About Kakochang Waterfall

Kakochang Waterfall is well-known eat outside picnic area. It is additionally called as Kakojan is really gorgeous falls situated in the middle of maiden as well as unexplored nature's present. Streaming down in the middle of the flexible and also espresso chateaus, Kakochang Waterfalls offers the remarkable view. Arranged 13 kilometers from Jorhat's Bokakhat Area of Assam, the stunning falls pulls in sightseers in extraordinary numbers. It is important eat outside spot where travelers could appreciate stunning viewpoints of the features in along to the jungles and hills. It located on between Kaziranga National Park as well as Bokakhat. The mountains, thick forest, as well as remainders of a chronicled placed look practiced alongside attempting falls. The incorporating tea estates are yet various other charming vistas at Kakochang Waterfalls.

Visitors seeing this place remains of historic Numaligarh which are of archaeological significance, can be seen from Kakochang Falls, The scenes of lavish green tea ranches are staggering when seen from below. The tea landscapes of Hathkhuli, Difalu, Methoni as well as also Behora Borchapori could additionally see, while viewing water fountain. Besides, the route to this fountain is the center of rubberized farms that provide a remarkable vision.

How to Reach Kakochang Waterfall

By Air: The local airport terminals are Jorhat airports terminals is situated in Rowriah as well as flights to and from different destinations are available.

By Rail: This is an essential train station in the northern Bengal and additionally a type of entrance to the remote northeastern India. Rangia Junction is the major rail terminal in the area. The district drops in Furkating train division and has a variety of trains passing by.

By Road: A number of roads connect Jorhat with the various other north eastern cities, and also the NH 37 connects it with various other areas of India.

By Water: Jorhat remains in close proximity to the river port Neemati Ghat, and ferries to the Majuli Island are available at least two times a day.

Other Things to Do nearby Kakochang Waterfalls
  • Don't miss out on the possibility to see the location around Kakochang Waterfalls
  • At Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary, the youngsters can observe some fascinating creatures, and experience firsthand the essential function of wildlife preservation.
  • Negheriting Shiv Mandir is an excellent place to consider how spirituality is exercised in everyday life.
  • You can learn more about the traditions as well as personalizeds of the regional faith at Bilvesvar Siva Temple.
  • Leave the auto behind and head to Kakochang Waterfalls by metro. Golaghat, the closest terminal, is a kilometre away.
Best Season to Visit

The very best time to visit is between the months of October to March. An ideal time to visit the Kakochang waterfalls is during the post-monsoon months, when due to the heavy rainfall the waterfall plummets with abundant water. Summer (March - May) the summer season climate is usually comfortable with the temperature not rising expensive.

Famous Attractions nearby Kalimpong Falls
  • Numaligarh
  • The Tea Gardens Of Hatikhuli
  • Coffee And Rubber Plantations
  • Behora Borchapori