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Located Near Dighalipukhuri, One of the most buzzing as well as thriving areas of Guwahati, Assam State Museum is a place that every culture-chaser need to visit. Often claimed to be the largest multi-purpose museum of the country, with defined areas for every post as well as artifacts, this establishment is known for the organized nature of its operation. The origin of the Assam State Museum goes back to 1940 when it was developed after the collective effort of the Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti (Assam Research Study Culture). As a result of its pre-independence link, the establishment has a clear colonial touch and it just adds to its heritage status.

Assam Museum

The museum features several sections such as Epigraphy, Sculptures, Miscellaneous, Nature, History, Crafts & People Art & Arms section. The Manuscript section shows the old manuscripts such as Assamese, Tai, as well as Myanmarese. Arms as well as Ammunition area has a substantial collection of the swords, armors from the middle ages duration to the Mughal period. It likewise houses the collection of ammunition from the World War II as well as the arms of the Ahom dynasty. Carvers from the Indus Valley world and the different terracotta objects removed from the various parts of North East India are displayed in the prehistoric Terracotta section. The Sculptures area has a collection of steel antiques of Vishnu, Siren Durga, and also Buddha in addition to the collection of coins from Mughal and Ahom dynasty.

Epigraphy section has a collection of rock and copper inscriptions belonging to 5-18th century. Nature gallery has the collection of all-natural biodiversity of the state consisting of the life of one-horn rhino. The museum has also put on screen the different handicrafts and also handcrafted items of the North-east India along with the rebuilt tribal huts. There are additionally weaving and musical instruments on screen. There are also weaving and musical instruments on display. The library in Assam State Museum was established in 1985 and is rich in its stenographic collections. There are various regulars, journals as well as books connecting to art, culture, mythology, bio, encyclopedic works and also the Asiatic Culture journals of the nation.

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The Assam State Museum is a place that exemplifies that rich cultural heritage of the state as well as showcases several items that gives a deep insight to the history of the region. Take enough amount of time to visit and check out the place as well as be familiar with several unidentified realities concerning the way of living as well as culture of the tribal people who lived here in the old days. Exhibits are likewise organized right here where you get to see numerous invention things made by the local people.

Timings: 10 AM - 5 PM, Closed on Mondays, 2 & fourth Saturdays & on Government Holidays

Access Fee: Rs.5 per Person