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Essential Info on Alchi Leh

State: Jammu and Kashmir

Location: Leh

Famous For: God Lovers, Nature Lovers

Travel to Alchi: A Lowland Village in Ladakh

Alchi, a little village positioned on low land, is about seventy kilometers to the west of Leh district as well as is located on the financial institutions of the River Indus.

Alchi village is extremely fertile as well as it is all eco-friendly with apricot trees on both side of road. This area had impact of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism due to the fact that it drops on the path to Turkestan of China yet its seclusion helped the village and also gompas to maintain their social practices risk-free from the outer impacts.

One of the very first points concerning this Buddhist town that travelers will discover is that the village has lots of lavish plant something of a rarity in the barren high altitude trans-Himalayan region. The dirt in the village is really productive as well as offers great as well as fairly considerable agricultural land. The highway at both side is covered by apricot trees. It is a typical view to see donkeys (burros) laden with merchandises and developing material during the summertime’s when all the farming as well as building tasks remain in full speed.

Why Visit Alchi Village?

Ladakh the land of passes as well as the charming all-natural elegance is bordered by the magnificent Himalayas as well as the Karakoram Array originating pristine charm throughout. A chilly desert mountainous location, it attracts one to its surfaces and the long extending treeless meadows. Among these stunning areas are seated many villages and also one among them is Alchi. Trip to Alchi will take you to one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh.

On your trip to Alchi you can detect monks in maroon bathrobes, calmly mounting their methods to the abbey. The snow enclosed heights that border the village are charming and uplift your spirits to goad you right into a trekking trip. The tops that reach out to the azure skies are scaled by lots of mountaineers on their Tour to Alchi.

How to Reach There

Alchi Abbey belongs of the Alchi village, which is seventy KMS from the Leh area of J & K. To get to here, travelers can hire a taxi from Leh. The abbey complicated is different from the other village negotiations.

Best Time to Visit Alchi

The winter seasons are fairly chilly as well as summertime’s are believed to be rather normal right here in Alchi. During the warm months, the temperature can shoot up to (24 degree C fall down to 12 degree C). You certainly call for relief versus sun tan throughout this moment of the year. Throughout the wintertime’s, the temperature level falls to -25 degree C. The best season to see this location has to be between (May-Sept).

Popular Tourist Attractions in Alchi

Alchi Monastery - Built somewhere in between in the 11th century, it is likewise famed as the earliest monastery in Ladakh.

Sumstek Temple - It is among the old holy places to go to while on a Leh Ladakh trip. With a history that dates back to around 900 years, Sumstek Temple is situated left wing of Du-Khang, and also is decorated with ancient wooden paints and also carvings on its facades, wall surfaces and exteriors.

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